Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Giveaways! Finally starting again...

We'll post our current giveaways on this thread. Each one will have it's own post, but you can come back here to make sure you've entered all of them. After this round... we'll start another round!

For this round of giveaways, we're going back in time a little. We are going to eliminate the widget at least for now. So, to enter these giveaways, you'll go to the contributing shop, find something you love and come back to tell us what you found. For additional entries, you can share the giveaway on social media, then come back here and post additional comments.

Please only post comments that are actual entries as listed below:

  1. Post a comment about something you love in their shop
  2. Post a comment for EACH share on social media with a link to your share (this can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ravelry, etc)

This is a NO CHAT thread, that way we can use a random number generator to select the winner at the end of each round. What I mean is, only post comments that are individual entries. Thanks for helping us out!

These first round giveaways will end on April 7th.





This second round of giveaways ends April 14th:

This last round of giveaways ends April 21th:

We will add more in the coming days... Keep coming back to check!


noreen said...
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Nica D said...

I guess I must be in the minority but I already miss the widget for contests. I don't understand how this new system works. Each share gets its own separate comment? Or list them all in one? This is so confusing, sorry.