Sunday, October 10, 2010

Phatties First Pledge

Phat Fiber is closing in on a second full year of boxes and to show our solidarity, support and general fandom of other Phat Fiber artists, we have created a button and pledge:

To always search for Phattie fiber and yarn, stitch markers, patterns and all other goods for future projects by using the tags "phatfiber" in etsy and artfire searches, as well as to refer back to the contributor pages on the website for contributor info. The "posse" list sidebar on the blog is also a good reference point.

To communicate openly with the artists about what I am searching for, how I feel about their wares and ask for assistance creating the perfect materials for my projects.

We have all had this unwritten code of conduct in our group since the beginning between contributors- we are now asking for everyone's awareness and support of the independent artist as we move into our third year. We want you to enjoy the "good stuff" and help our community of artisans thrive.

You may feel free to download and save the button for use on your own blogs, facebook pages and ravatars!

Phatties First,

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garilynn said...

I have been designing my patterns with a "Phat" yarn as much as possible. WC Mercantile, Light Brown Hare, Sheeps Egyptian Cotton, Knittink, and Flyngmunky have all had featured yarns in my patterns. October's pattern will have WC Mercantile, Texas Alpaca Fibers and North Star Alpacas yarns. I love to give the support since the Phat Fiber Sample Box has given so much to me!