Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creative Use of Chopsticks Contest!

Phat Fiber included Chopsticks in the January "Chinese New Year" box. We're hosting a
"creative use of chopsticks" contest and giving away yarn from Lampyridae, as well as a $20 gift certificate to a Phattie shop of your choice! Anyone with chopsticks can enter!

Visit the Ravelry thread here to enter:


barbara143 on Ravelry said...

i use chopsticks to stir my melt and pour soap when making bars of soap. also, to hold up my tomato plants when they are small.

Lilm4105 said...

I use them to mix dyes and to reach in and grab fiber to check on their saturation when working in the dyepots.
I also teach kids to knit with them. They are cheap, so nobody minds if they get broken and they are a nice size for working with worsted yarns for little hands!

Turtle said...

cute, use them often but no photo ability right now... :(

Avonberg said...

I just got my drop spindle from Gloria Patrie yesterday. I already took it to my knitting store and everyone drooled over it! I also loved the little stitch markers goodies she put it!! Thanks so much!!!