Saturday, September 3, 2011

Giveaway Winners!!!

Congratulations winners!!! Please pm me via ravelry (phatfiberlady) or msg me phatfiber at yahoo with your addresses and I will get these mailed out to you asap!!


GentlyUsedCoat- You won the Dyet Yarns songjewel batt!

Kenoshia- You won the Twisted Sunshine fiber!

mizzlizzbeck- You won the Natchwoolie baby camel!

Turtle- you won the all for love of yarn batt!

Caroline- you won the Fiber Fancy bag of fluff!

Cratygirl83- you won the WCMercantile fiber!

ericajo- you won the catawampus farm yarn!

TinkerTots- You won the Twice Sheared Sheep shawl pin!

Spinatude- You won the Llady Llama Layover tote!

Ann Ryan- You won the Fiber Charmer sock yarn!

KEM- You won the Extreme Spinning Batt!

Shannan- You won the Mama Jude's Batt!

noodledogknits- you won the CrochetbyKA batt!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ann Ryan said...

Woo! I do love some bright colors! :)

Caroline said...

Yay, finally won a giveaway! And from one of my favorite phatties!

Turtle said...

how fun, tons of winners! thank you thank you!