Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Sneak Peek Video Preview!!


details said...

Note that technically the language of the Greek mythologies as we know them were various forms of Ancient Greek, derived from Eastern Greek dialects, the most common of which (and that used in teaching Ancient Greek today) was Attic Greek.

I just finished my final semester in the stuff, thank Kalliope, so let me know if you want nasty little soundbites for proper pronunciation. WILL TRANSLATE FOR FIBER.

sarahjeanne said...

Okay, no soundbites, but two things now that I've drooled over all the videos. One, the second (measuring) sister of the Moirai (Three Fates who live in Hades) is named Lachesis, pronounced "Lack-hay-sis." Also, the Vietnamese last name Nguyen is pronounced most closely to "win."

...Here's to hoping for a box tomorrow. :)