Friday, February 5, 2016

My Stash

Every month I pick a contributor or two to buy something from for myself or as a gift. I love to see Phat Contributors full sized items, and to be honest, I'm just as addicted to Phat Fiber as everybody else.

Our contributors amaze me with their fantastic colors and beautiful fibers. They entice me with colorways that I never knew I would want. Soft pastels are never something I think I want, but that's what I picked up from Elemental Fiberworks this month. I always wish that I can buy more because I touch each and every one of the samples that they send as I fill boxes, photograph the samples, and talk about them in the video. It takes a strong will not to go spend everything I have in all of these amazing shops. I'm planning to start posting a few pictures of my favorite full sized items, and I hope to show you what I'm doing with them. As a customer, I am giddy when opening a package just for me. I run my hands over the fiber or yarn, and I smile thinking about what it will become.

I have some Jellybeans Yarns, Kitty Mine Crafts fiber/yarn, FiberQuirks fiber, and lots more to show you. I'd love to see the full sized items that you have received as well. Each month I am joyfully surprised by the quality of shops that we receive in our Phat Fiber boxes.

As much as I would love to, I can't buy everything, so I am counting on you to help me see what I'm missing out. I'm especially looking for the colorways you buy that were not featured in the Phat Fiber box. What did you discover about them? What drew you do that item and what did you think when you got it?

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