Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Couple of Winners before I start more giveaways! (and a bit about the new collaborations)

Our most recent giveaways ended this week. I've been focusing on our fluff, spinning accessories, and yarn collaborations!  Have you seen this gorgeous stuff? I will include pictures below with a bit more information.

So, our winners!

The Doodle Fibers Rolag Giveaway was won by Alice H. !! I'm sure she will love these gorgeous rolags. I hope she shows us the yarn she spins up with them.

The Girl with a Sword Handspun Giveaway was won by Josephine! This stuff is so luscious and soft, she's going to LOVE it!

Our collaborations are a project that we've been working on this year. Contributors to the Phat Fiber box fill out a call for entries, and they are carefully juried and selected to submit work to a collaborative effort. I supply the boxes, tissue paper, and other fun little additions. The contributors supply the gorgeous fibers, yarns, and accessories that they love making.  These boxes are my way of giving back to the contributors for supporting Phat Fiber month after month. Every penny that we receive for these boxes (aside from shipping, of course), goes right back to the artists so that they can keep making their amazing work for us to enjoy. The August collaborations are based on a photo I found online:

Indian Wedding

This photo inspired us to make batts, rolags, milk fiber, rose fiber, spinning buckets, pods, and much much more. We were so inspired that we created 5 different collaborations for this round. 

The Spinning Accessories Collaboration would be the perfect gift for any spinners in your life. There's a spinning bucket that can be attached to your wheel to hold fibers or other useful spinning items. There's a ceramic diz for pulling your fibers into a nice fine roving. There's a diz threader to get you started with your roving. Finally, there's spinning tags that you can attached to your completed yarn with all the useful information about where your fluff came from, what it contains, and how you spun the yarn. 

The Fluff Only Collaboration is just that!  Each artist submitted at least 2 oz of Rolags, Roving, locks, or batts for your spinning pleasure. These boxes are so full of fiber that I almost couldn't close the box! There is over 10 oz of gorgeous soft fibers in our Indian Wedding colorway. 

The Yarn Collaboration is a kit that includes one full skein (100 gm) and two half skeins (50 gm) of yummy yarn. One of the half skeins is pure mulberry silk from India!  There are two patterns (one for a full skein and one for half skeins) and a set of stitch markers to complete the kit. 

We have a Handspun and Minis Collaborations. This collaboration includes a big fat gorgeous skein of handspun yarn, 5 mini skeins in the Indian Wedding colorway, and a zippered pod for helping you keep it all organized. I've also made a stitch marker set for this collaboration as a bonus.

Finally, we did a Mini Collaboration with a set of mini skeins and a zippered pod. This kit is especially for those that want a small little kit either as a gift for a loved one or a gift for themselves! These little kits are absolutely beautiful.

So, there you have it. That's the skinny on our August Collaborations. I'll be sending out a newsletter tomorrow. If you're not on our list, be sure to go to and click on Notify Me at the top of the page.

Look for more giveaways to begin tomorrow. Thanks for joining me!! 


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