Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let's start our next round of giveaways!

It's time for a round of giveaways to brighten our days. If you have trouble entering, please send me a note. I can walk you through the process. I'm working on creating a little tutorial on how to enter the giveaways for the people who have a bit of trouble.

This month we have 10 different contributors giving away 11 giveaways with a total of 12 winners. Isn't that fun? Here's what we have this month (not necessarily in this order):

Fiber Quirks Batt Giveaway

Luthvarian Fiber Arts Rolag Set

Designs by Tami Jewelry and Custom Needles Giveaways

Shiny Briny Rolags Giveaway

Broadway Creations Rolag Giveaway

Fairy Tale Wool travel spindle Giveaway

Knarwhal Knits Yarn Giveaway

Kitty Mine Crafts Yarn Giveaway

Full Circle Artworx Yarn Giveaway

Homestead Hobbyist yarn giveaway

Hippie Homemaker fluff and spindle giveaway

I will come back to this post as I release each giveaway and create blog posts for them. You can look for the first giveaway in the next hour. Followed by each one as I can get to it. Thanks for joining us!

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