Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Winner! Daniel's campaign update

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for donating. We are so lucky to have such wonderful customers and contributors. We decided to send Brittany a box because of her wonderful little classes contribution to the cause. They raised $121 for my brother.

Dad has been doing some research and he found a new electric scooter for a lot less than the one he originally purchased. He's more than half way to being able to purchase a new scooter for Daniel. As I write this his campaign is at $906. His new scooter will be $1995 so he only needs to raise $1009 more. That is a lot better than when we started. 

I really appreciate all the warm thoughts and the donations. Like most siblings, my brother drives me a little nuts sometimes, but knowing he won't be stuck at home when there is so much more world to explore is a joy. 

Okay, for our winner! We did a random generator:
That means that Cityslingers is our winner! Please send me a note with your email and mailing addresses so that I can drop your Phat box in the mail ASAP! 

I will start our regular giveaways for the month of December in the next few days. We have some beautiful fluff, yarn, and tools to giveaway. Thanks again for joining me in this little holiday gift. Sending you all lots of love and warm thoughts, 

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Lindr said...

Yay! Bargains are the best; I'm so happy you're that much closer.