Thursday, March 2, 2017

We have a whole lot of Giveaways to start!

Okay, so in January, I was just too overwhelmed to start any giveaways. That means that we have double giveaways for this month. Some contributors sent something for each month so those giveaways will start some time apart. I will end most of these giveaways when we do our next box drop. Also, Fairy Tale Wool is on vacation, so her giveaways will start last and end later.

I will take a few days to get the bulk of them started. I will start at least two tonight. (as it turns out, I got one started. I will start more tomorrow)

After I post these giveaways, I will come back here and link to them.

Here's a preview of our giveaways to come (not necessarily in this order):

Fairy Tale Wool from February:

Fairy Tale Wool from January:

These giveaways are just wonderful. Thank you so much to all of our contributors. 

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