Monday, April 10, 2017

Plum Crazy Fiber Art Natural Carrier Rods Giveaway

For this giveaway Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art sent us some Natural silk carrier rods. I had to look up how to use these fun little things. Apparently silk carrier rods are a by-product of the silk industry. These particular rods are undyed and they still contain the natural sericin.

I found this info online: Silk carrier rods are formed during silk reeling, which is the process of unwinding silk from cocoons to make yarn. The filament that is being unwound passes over a rod called the ‘carrier rod’. During the reeling process filaments get wrapped at high speed around the carrier rod, to which some stick. As they still have sericin (the natural gum that was holding the filaments together in the shape of a cocoon), they get attached to neighboring filaments. When the build up of filament becomes too thick, the silk tube is cut with a knife and removed from the rod. The result is a slit tube 13 to 15 cm long made of criss-crossed filaments of silk. They are great for creating texture in your art work. They are easy to use in silk paper making and make an unusual addition to felt making.

Another page said that you can layer these in a criss crossing fashion and iron them into an interesting silk paper. You can also degum them in a process described in this website.

We will also be giving away a set of dyed/degummed carrier rods this round. If you'd like to win these fun little bits of silk, enter using the widget below:

I've removed the "mandatory" tick from this tool. If you have trouble enter the giveaways, you can now gain one entry without using the giveaway tools. Go to the contributor shop, find your favorite item, come back here and comment on the blog post about what you found. Then just send me a private email that you want to enter without using the giveaway tool. My email address is crys at polyartgirl dot net.

If you want EXTRA entries, you'll need to use the giveaway tools widget above. If you have trouble, please see our tutorial. FIRST sign in on the giveaway widget above. You'll be given several options to gain entries to the giveaway.

The first entry is that you will go to Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art find something you love then come back here and comment on this blog entry about it.

You can gain an additional entry for each of the following: "hearting" the Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art Store, tweeting about the giveaway, or pinning a photo of the roving on Pinterest.

You will earn three additional entries for making a purchase in the Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art Store and sharing the transaction ID.

Thank you for supporting our independent artists. They are the only reason we have Phat Fiber to obsess over!


Chris said...

The unbleached flax roving is a beautiful color!

Yvonne Gauntt said...

I like the Baby alpaca and tussah silk combed top. It even looks soft in the picture.

Dovile said...

I'd love to try the Crazy Handspun 100% Mink Yarn.

Debby said...

I'd love to try the Luxury Fiber Sampler!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I like the colors in the "Dandy" colorway in the handpainted silk mulberry bombyx roving.

susanjd said...

the Baby Alpaca & Tussah Silk combed top Fawn looks so luscious and soft I just want to snuggle it

Jill D said...

It's hard to choose a favorite but I really love CRAZY Handpainted Mulberry Silk Laps sheets batts. Such lovely colors!

Jessica Jo said...

I think I need to buy a new set of needle felting needles, which this shop sells! Sweet!

Emily said...

I'm still really liking the looks of the Luxury Fiber Sampler!