Sunday, October 15, 2017

Big Batch of Giveaways, Round 4 Ends 10/21 at 6pm (and Round 3 Winners!)

Round 3 winners are:

Zany Pilgrimage Bunny Giveaway ( Entries): Cheryl R.
Fiber Quirks Batt Giveaway ( Entries): AmyW
Laser Cat Cuts Jewelry Giveaway ( Entries): knittingdancer
Mad Angel Batt Giveaway ( Entries): Allison C

Our next round starts now! Here is our fourth round of the Big Batch of Giveaways.

Enter all four and then come back next Sunday to enter the next four. I will send an email to the winners. This fourth round ends on 10/21 at 6pm MDT Denver Time. I will begin the fifth and final round on 10/22 and end it on 10/28 at 6pm.

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