Thursday, October 2, 2008

Contribute to Phat Fiber box!

Do you sell your own handspun or hand painted yarns? Perhaps you are a shepherdess with fleece for sale or a jeweler who makes stitch markers. Advertise your wares directly to fiber enthusiasts!

Some examples of samples would be:

mini hanks (enough to knit a 4x4 swatch?)
knitted swatches

small amounts of roving

small stitch markers

business cards with coupon codes
printed technique tutorials

herbal teas

raw fiber

hand salve


small earrings

handmade stationary (fiber related)

printed original patterns

hand sewn eyeglasses case

small project bags
small shawl pins

If your product would be enjoyed by fiber/knitting enthusiasts you may want to participate.

How it works:
You send in your samples to the Phat Fiber box (20 sample minimum), they are grouped with other independentfiber artists and designers and sent to customers/bloggers/editors who will love your fresh, new, handmade creations.
The more samples you send in, the more advertising you will receive!
Those of you who send in 45 or more samples will receive a free box of your own!

Samples will be photographed and blogged about here and by other popular fiber related blogs/forums and several boxes will be sent to various (paper print) fiber publications.
We have a forum on Raverly if you would like to join there.
International participants welcomed.

Of course, the best advertising is by word of mouth- and you can be sure the customers who receive Phat Fiber will be overjoyed to talk about what was in their box that month!
Email for more information about participating. Please have photos- online or otherwise of your work.

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