Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kalamazoo Knits

Kalamazoo Knits is a group of designers who specialize in clear, easy to execute knitting patterns. They offer a range of unique patterns for every skill level. Several lucky people will have Diane Kostecki's fingerless mitts pattern in their box! Wondering what to do with all of the sample yarn in your box? Problem solved with these cute mitts. I can just picture myself wearing these with matching socks, looking out my window over fresh fallen snow, sipping my morning tea and planning the day ahead. These look like a quick knit too- something to churn out as gifts perhaps!

I have my eye on the little knit ornament patterns! I'd love to have a "knit" themed Christmas tree! Kalamazoo knits has me all excited about knitting dozens of tiny socks to hang as decorations. What a way to stash bust! Am I really talking about Christmas? It's not even Halloween.
You all may know I have a Great Pyrenees, Phoebe. The one drawback (well, maybe one of several!) to having a Pyr is, being so fluffy, she would look silly in a knitted sweater. How cute is that dog sweater pattern?!! It is knitted flat and sewn up the center-which makes me think this may be another good pattern to churn out- maybe for a little dog rescue organization. Thanks Kalamazoo Knits for giving us a chance to try your fun patterns!



island sweet said...

you make all of us sound so exciting jessie!

Roo said...

I was just checking out the patterns in the Kalamazoo store yesterday and fell in love with the pom-pom hat with chin ties!

Yes, I've said it before, but Jess, this is such a great thing you are doing. Event though I am excited about having people see and feel my products, I am thoroughly enjoying 'meeting' the other artisans and seeing what they have to offer.

Soap Mogul said...

You ARE exciting!