Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Details

I hope to answer a few more questions that were asked earlier.

Price: The box will be between $20-$40 but not over $40. The cost of the box goes towards packaging, shipping, advertising, graphics, labor and listing fees. There will be at least 20 samples in each box so that the customer is guaranteed a brimming sampler experience. Of course the more artists contributing, the more samples will be in each box.

Marketing: The goal of Phat Fiber is to act as a bridge from independent fiber artists directly to the consumer (fiber enthusiasts, knitters, spinners etc). We won't necessarily be marketing to local yarn shops as many of our contributors would like direct retail business. For the customer, this is like receiving a yarn shop in the mail. You will have fiber to touch and experience and that will help you make plans to purchase directly from the artist or crafts persons.

Phat Fiber will not be buying samples of your work. It is a goal, however to do monthly commissions where we do eventually purchase a full sized item (think custom dyed skeins) in bulk from regular contributors to showcase and add that "wow" factor to the box. We won't be able to do this for the debut box.

Please feel free to raise any more questions regarding Phat Fiber!

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