Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shearlock's Choice Award- August

You might have noticed a new button on my sidebar, featuring a colorful felted sheep! Each month, Shearlock makes his way to visit a Phat Fiber contributor who has sent in samples that were excellent examples of their shop, fit the theme of the box, and as was the case with Brittany's sample, gave spinning instructions and tips for experimenting with the different fibers!

Shearlock hopped in the mail and spent the better part of a month, discovering all about Brittany's stash, inspiration and had a great time visiting with fellow Phat Fiber Phans in Portland!

While visiting BohoKnitterChic, Shearlock was put to work carding and dyeing and host-Mom Brittany has tagged those fibers with "Shearlock". Just visit her shop, and search it using the word "Shearlock" to see what they were up to!

Shearlock is en route back home as I type this- who will he visit next?


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Yay Shearlock! I can't wait to see who his choice is next!

teejayhansen said...

Love it! Shearlock is a cute little sheep, I hope he had a great time in Portland, I had fun meeting him. :)
Off to stalk Brittany's shop and blogs.

Bohoknitterchic said...

I miss Shearlock already!

Thanks for the great mention :-)

Robin said...

The snow queen vegan batt is a beauty - I'm sure shearlock had fun

Turtle said...

i noticed him yesterday, he's adorable! B's shop is always full of goodies! Hmmm, i wonder if he made it to voodoo donuts!