Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spindies Fiber Cooperative

You can now shop several phat shops all in one place at the Spindies Art Fiber Congo!

They have pooled their fiber and you can now get your 'artist paint box' where each box is a focus on color. September's paint box was green and many of you received samples of what the paint box looks like- several interpretations of green by different artists.

There are also several club options if you would like to try everyone out! I would certainly enjoy an art batt club like the one they offer!

The shops have different listings than their normal etsy/artfire counterparts, so be sure to check back often!


CinderLisa said...

Yummy! They look so fab in their boxes, too!

Turtle said...

nice !!

Kathleen said...

I loved looking through this coop. Many beautiful fiber wonders by several artists, all in one place. This coop has clubs I may not be able to resist (once I have a little more money).

Kathleen said...

twitter, tweet