Monday, December 28, 2009

Phat Fiberati

Christmas Eve, I was delighted to receive a Spindies Paint Box on my doorstep! Thank you Spindies, I have lots of ideas swirling around on how to go about spinning your beautiful fiber!

I sincerely hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday filled with fibery treats! If you weren't so lucky, remember there are lots of places to make up for it :)

If you haven't noticed yet, our website has a Phat Fiberati page. This page features the lauded Phatties who have contributed to the box for 6+ months. These contributors are trusted friends you can feel confident shopping with.

We've started a new thread on the Phat Fiber Rav group to nominate phatties of the year! Feel free to add your favorite Phattie to the list!

I've got some wonderful celestial giveaways coming up this week (maybe later today). Please visit back!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Oh that's a beautiful box of fiber! Happy Spinning :)