Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shearlock's Choice Award- Light Brown Hare

Our Shearlock is said to be en route back home from Light Brown Hare Headquarters. I do hope he doesn't get caught in a blizzard!

Shearlock had an absolute amazing time this past month, and as you can see from the photos he was incredibly well taken care of- I hope he hasn't gained too much weight or we'll have to put him on that nasty alfalfa sprout diet again.

After discovering the Light Brown Hare crew also enjoys Battlestar Gallactica, Shearlock phoned home to say he wanted to stay a little longer. The food, the wine, the all day dyeing and the cutting up with Dale (Shearlock finally got to use all of his BSG jokes/quotes and references!)- it has been heaven for him.

Dale has already listed some full sized yarn that will be featured in our "Aurora Borealis and Beyond" December box. I am certainly drooling over the 600 yd Nebula yarn. *Sigh* I love it when I can buy a special skein of fingering weight in enough yardage to knit a small shawl. Nebula, you may be mine yet :)

Thank you so much Dale, for taking such good care of Shearlock and for letting us all in on your adventures in dyeing and knitting. We've had great fun peeking in on your artwork!

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I love their Crispin's Day colourway... I keep trying to think of something I could make with it. Armwarmers, I suspect.