Friday, March 5, 2010

Craft Cultre Podcast Interview

So, I mentioned I had a fun evening recording a podcast interview with Daniella Cortez of the Craft Culture podcast.
I want to first apologize for saying "Like" and "Ya know" 10000 times. I do that when I'm a little nervous (my first podcast interview!) and I promise I get better ( I hope!) as the podcast goes on. What you couldn't see was Marcus (the husband) gesticulating in the background with whatever agenda he had going on and so I hereby publicly blame him for the long pauses I took to collect my thoughts. Next time, he'll be locked in a room somewhere or I'll do it with my eyes closed or something.

Ok enough self abasement and finger pointing- the podcast! It's about an hour long, so grab some knitting/spinning while you listen.

Thanks Dani!

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