Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winners this Week and Chester IL

I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach!

Hey kids Here is the Mississippi River....

Forget the river, Mom. Look a train!!

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
Excuse the fresh ketchup stains ;)

Pulling Meriwether Lewis' finger... not so educational. Better read the historical marker sign ;)

Well, Yesterday I was a bad blogger! I got all wrapped up in Fiber Friday in our Rav group (soo amazing this week!) and then one thing let to another and on a sunny, 70 degree day that happens to be a Friday, things do tend to lead to one another and I soon found myself and the kids wandering our countryside and ended up in Chester, IL - a quaint river town. After eating some catfish at a local cafe, we went in search of the famous bronze Popeye statue and had fun with the Lewis and Clark cut outs only feet away. Somehow I don't think Lewis and Clark were all dapper with shiny buttons, pressed suits and huge Napoleon hats when they passed through ;)

Enough silliness... on to the winners!!!

Critter Ranch sand and sea batt- zombiequeen !!

Play at life fiber arts yarn- Andrea !!

Bitsy Knits handspun- Ruhammie !!

Ambrosia and Bliss - TuttleDB !!!

Please email me with your addresses and I'll mail them out asap!

More giveaways to come!


Donna said...

YAY! We won! Congrats to us!!!

Donna said...

Also, loved seeing the Popeye statue (had no idea there was one) and your kids are so cute getting their noses picked by Lewis and Clark.

Andrea said...

Yay! How exciting! I hardly ever win anything, so this is super exciting! Where do I email you?

Andrea said...

Never mind. I'm still sleepy. :)

Turtle said...

congrats winners!

What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

That's cute! hey, add me to your blogroll! my eponymous yarn/fiber/hat/blog!

Zombie Queen said...

Yay!!! I never win anything!! This rocks and totally made my day!

Ruhammie said...

OH THANK YOU!! My first win from online!! YAY! Thanks for all your hardwork into this wonderful site!