Friday, September 3, 2010

Winners this week! And my new cowl

I just finished a really yummy cowl pattern! Remember the Goonies? This is my Chester Copperpot inspired knitwear lol! It will be available through soon.


Sissel- You won The Critter Ranch Batts!

Silja- You won the FarmGirlChic cloud!!

Twins2005- You won the Out of Step dyeworks vampy yarn !!!

Marianne- You won the Counting Sheep Farm sock yarn!!!

Please email phatfiber at yahoo dot com with your addresses and I'll mail them out asap!

Hope every has a lovely holiday weekend!!

5 comments: said...

wow... your new cowl is really nice!!

happy week-end

LizzieK8 said...

Very very pretty cowl!

Turtle said...

congrats winners.!

i shouldn't read so fast... i at first thought you got a new cow!

marianne said...

ah! I saw my name, but that was the giveaway I hadn't entered! congrats to my name-twin!

Kristin said...

cool photo

is that a shoe holder thingy that your yarn skeins are in behind you? brilliant! I'm always looking for good stash storage ideas. :)