Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bohemian Knitter Chic

Bohemian Knitter Chic sent in several of her original pasties patterns, complete with embellishments! These are so fun! A way to use the yarn you get in you phat fiber sampler box perhaps? I literally said "ooh sparkly" when I opened her box of samples! Her patterns are very original, and if you've got it- why not flaunt it?

The multi-talented Boho Knitter Chic is not your average domestic engineer- she also an indie dyer! I really like all of her bold and bright yarns available in her shop. So, for your enjoyment, she sent in several mini skeins for you as well!

Brittany is one of those awesome ladies who make knitting look cool. Just look at her knitting ink: She has a picture on her blog of her knitting while getting tattooed! Her face is calm as could be. Okay, how cool is that? Cool enough to be the pin-up girl for February 2008 Bad Girl Knits!
Why Bohemian Knitter? Because she's never in the same place for long! She has a secret project called "covered in knit" that brings a little knitted happiness to the world! I have never come across any knit graffiti, but if someone wants to cover the tree branches in my front yard with knitted sleeves, I'd be okay with that! I really enjoy reading about her "covered in knit" updates- you should all blogroll her! You know what else? You should all go buy something from her shop, and help fund her knitting crusade ;)


CJ said...

Now that is what I call cool knitting art!

danidocrafty said...

Yay! I love knit tattoos! (I have one myself.) and the colors in the sneak peak of her yarn is delish. Can't wait to see it in person.