Sunday, November 2, 2008

Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art

Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art has everything fiber in their Ebay shop! From finished knitted items to lovely spinning fibers, you will find something there you need. You can spend the better part of an afternoon exploring all the wonderful listings Gayle and her family have for sale! Most of her items are original one-of-a- kind pieces with neat names like “Haight Ashbury”, “Psychedelic”, and “Woodstock” that are so befitting the wonderfully colorful and playful work she offers up. Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art contributed several wonderful mini batts for your hand spinning enjoyment!
The samples are so soft and the colors are so vibrant!
Gayle welcomes custom work so be sure to contact her about doing something for you. Some of the fiber she offers are Llama, merino wool, cashmere, yak, baby alpaca, baby camel, peace silk, soy silk, angora rabbit and mohair. Go ahead, get some! Fiber is good for you.
Seriously, if you want something truly unique and delicious, I can think of no better place to start than Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art!


Roo said...

The colours are just amazing... I love the combination of fibers too! Personally, I have never felt Llama fiber, but have been told that it can be of the same quality as alpacas these days due to selective breeding. Jessie, can your husband not install some kind of 'virtual feel' application on the website??? *grin* I'm jealous that you get to feel all these lovely fibers while we sit here and can only let our imaginations runs wild!

island sweet said...

just lovely. it makes me determined to come up with 45 samples (not just 20) so that i get my own box!

Soap Mogul said...

You really should feel this Llama fiber!
She's got some really adorable pics of her doggies and Llamas on her website. I bet it's fun at her house!