Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dome Hill Yarn *GIVEAWAY*

It is slated to "snow" today in my little neck of the woods. There is something about the first snow of the season that is so quiet and calming. When that first snow falls on a Sunday evening, it is as if the spheres have aligned and the hope that you wont be able to make it in to work or school the next day- snowballs into fantasies about curling up next to a crackling fire with your knitting.
Now, imagine a snow covered 9 acre wooded farm nestled in the rural and rugged beauty of Missouri. On these 9 acres sits a house- not just any house- a dome home. In that dome home lives and works a woman and, not just any woman, a yarnie named Kay.
Kay Luke, the dye master behind Dome Hill Yarn, sent in several of the cutest center wound sample balls in her "Frost" colorway. Kay is a self-proclaimed trivia nut which can mean only one thing. She pays attention to details. Kay's yarn won't stripe or pool on you- perfect for making socks with lacy patterns! Her skeins of sock yarn seem large too- 400+ yards each!
There is a bit of whimsy about Dome Hill Yarn. I love the "Caramel Latte" yarn she has. I just keep picturing more intricate sock patterns with this yarn- cables, lace etc. This is definitely the yarn that would free me up to learn more difficult techniques/patterns.
Okay, I'll get to the contest!
Kay of Dome Hill Yarn will be giving away an entire skein of "Frost" for a random commenter- here is the kicker- you have to tell a snowman joke!! Drawing will be held on Tuesday!
Kay started us off with hers:
Q: Where does a snowman keep his money? A: In a snowbank!
Good Luck and have fun and don't forget to visit Dome Hill Yarn!


memarcierenee said...

Q: What does a snowman like to put on his iceburger?
A: Chilly Sauce

In Stitches

Deborah said...

Q:Why did the snowman leave his wife?
A: He said she was frigid

Deborah said...

This one is more of a practical joke: in my kids' Christmas stockings we always put a little bag of tiny marshmellows: snowman poop.

Pumpkinmama said...

Q: What does a snowman take when he's sick?
A: A chill pill.

Luveday Tyreman said...

Why did the snowman go to the middle of the lake?
Because snowman is an island!

Jen aka knitstuff on Ravelry

Holly said...

Q: What do you get if you cross a snowman with a shark?

A: Frost bite!

Get it? Get it? Frostbite! Because snowmen are cold, you see.

knitonmycat on Ravelry

Nicole said...

How does Frosty the Snowman get around?
On an "ice"-icle!

Sarah said...

Where do snowmen go to dance? Snowballs!

Minou14 said...

Q: What did the snowman and snowwoman hang over their snowbaby's crib?

A: A snowmobile!

Minou on Rav

Josiane said...

I don't have a classic snowman joke, but I have a really funny snowman-related something:
A few years ago (I'm not sure if they did it again since then), Tim Horton's came up with a special holiday edition of their coffee cup on which were pictured two snowmen holding a steaming cup of Tim Horton's coffee... which led some people to wonder if they were suicidal snowmen! (follow the link for a picture of that famous coffee cup!) :D
Josiane (kimianak on Ravelry)

Turtle said...

How do you know when there is a snowman in your bed?

You wake up wet!

My daughter said i had to tell you this one: What do you call an eskimo cow? An eski-moo!

Turtle said...

k couldn't help it, i love this one!

What is a snowman's favorite food?


sarahsarah said...

Two snowmen were standing in a field. One turns to the other and says:
"Funny, I smell carrots too!"

sarahsarah said...

Oh wait, one more:

What's worse than Rudolph with a runny nose?

A snowman with a hot flash!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

1.What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
2. What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

Hugs Darcy

CJ said...

Q: What's a snowman's favorite drink?
A: Iced Tea!!

CJ aka eXtremeSpinning on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Q: How many snowmen can you fit in a Volkswagon Beetle?
A: 5 - 2 in the fron, 2 in the back, 1 in the glove compartment.

Q: How many reindeer can you fit in a Volkswagon Beetle?
A: None, it's full of snowmen, remember?

Karen said...

Q: What do snowmen wear on their heads ?
A: Ice caps?

Lottie said...

What food do you get when you cross a snowman with a polar bear?
A "brrr" - "grrr"!

Carissa said...

Where do the snowpeople go to dance?


(CarissaMarie on Ravelry)