Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knit Craft Note Cards

Cindy Moore has been hard at work translating The Art of Knitting 1897 into modern knitting patterns! This is a huge undertaking, and to help fund her time spent on this laborious task, Cindy is now offering beautifully printed note cards with the translated pattern and sample swatch on them. These cards are very beautiful and suitable for gifting in various swaps or as small gifts to your knitting pals. I’m sure these would be especially coveted by those blessed with the ability to design knitwear patterns! Several lucky box recipients will be getting a full color printed note card from Be sure to collect them all!

For those of you who also belong to Ravelry, Cindy is known as “FitterKnitter” and has downloads available here:
Cindy also has a large group on Ravelry devoted to her Art of Knitting project.
Thank you Cindy for contributing a unique and beautiful sample to January’s Box!

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