Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moonwood Farm

Are you ready for some fibery goodness? I have had a fiber crush on Moonwood Farm’s animals for a while now. I love visiting Moonwood’s site and looking all of the absolutely adorable animals they care for. Their lovely website enables you to actually read and come to “know” the animals your fiber comes from. Roo, the Mistress of Moonwood, has graciously sent in some exquisite handspun yarn samples and Hand Spinner’s kits. I cannot tell you the self-restraint I have had to muster while handling this fiber. After opening her shipment, I wanted to just grab it all and and go hide somewhere and feel it while saying "my precious" over and over. The handspun feels as if it will float off of my hands when I hold it- and the natural color is so gorgeous. I am having dreams at night of a hand knit sweater made from her yarn! The quality of the items listed in her etsy shop can only be fully appreciated in person. The details, right down to the tags, are so well planned and carefully crafted. Moonwood Farm does everything right… especially breeding Alpacas.
Just look at this one! Stare deep into Myra's eyes and then tell me you don't want one.
For those of you who will get a Moonwood sample- consider yourself lucky! For those who aren’t so lucky, Roo will be offering her samples only for the month of January. I cannot tell you how much you NEED this fiber.
Take time out and treat yourself to a wonderful fiber experience.. visit Moonwood Farm today!


Roo said...

Oh gosh... I am truly speechless! *blush* Thank you :)

In reality, I have so much fiber sitting here that it's almost overwhelming when I think about processing it all by hand. My store is still so young, and so scantily stocked, but by the time the first Phat Fiber box is released, it will be well on the way to where I would like it to be.

I have set aside fiber to spin full sized skeins of the sample yarn that I have contributed, that is my next project!

Soap Mogul said...

I can't wait to buy a full sized skein of yours. I think you'll be seeing some of my Christmas money! LOL

island sweet said...

lovely yarn. lovelty write-up.