Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chocolate Princess

I am very happy to show off these gorgeous mini cakes of Chocolate Princess hand painted yarn in "Ice Queen"! What a treat for several of you in January's box! Stunning!!I approached Liz, the one woman wonder behind Chocolate Princess, because I couldn't get enough of the blazing jewel tones in her line! Her spinning fiber looks almost iridescent, the spectrum of colors are amazing. I personally, am eyeing her Marea colorway- the deep mauve, oranges and teals are so pretty- I'd love to see this knit up into something!I just love Liz's profile on her Etsy shop too- it reads:
"I dye, spin, and knit daily.
5 kids
2 cats
1 dog
Great hubby"
Fiber first! See where Hubby ranks? LOL This sounds like something I would write!! I LOVE it! Who else can relate? A Big thank you to Chocolate Princess for sending in her "Ice Queen" samples. I am sure when you get your samples you will realize what an absolutely perfect colorway this is for January's box. The deep, dreamy blues are really mesmerizing! How soul- soothing would knitting with this yarn be? Please visit Chocolate Princess and let us know what you love about her shop!


memarcierenee said...

I'm desperate for chocolate....... ;-)

Turtle said...

beautiful jewel tones!