Friday, December 19, 2008

Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff

Kyrie of Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff (what a cool name!) has sent in so many gorgeous samples! When you see the baby merino lace weight she sent in, you are going to flip out. Not only is the yarn so velvety soft, the color depth and variation are to die for! I have already contacted Kyrie about dyeing me up some as she doesn't have any in her shop right now. I NEED a lacy shawl out of that baby merino in the dark blue- I am already picturing myself wearing it with jeans over a white t-shirt on an late spring/early summer eve... I can see it now
::cue dream sequence::
It was a casual invitation that flew from her lips at the grocery store, after all. Consciously casual. She didn't want to seem too eager. At home, the last minute preparations were all coming together, the perfect summer drinks, the tiny grilled sandwiches, the toothpicks in the olives, a last minute ruffling of her hair so it didn't reflect the previous half an hour's laborious fussing and mussing. Then, she heard the thunderous car door closings, and peered out of the window at her guests arriving through the side garden gate. The ice in the glasses tinkled and chimed in a most satisfying way as she hurriedly placed the drinks on her polished aluminum tray. With a secret smile, she slithered to her dresser and, sliding the door out slowly as if opening a present from a lover, she gazed upon it only for a moment before wrapping it around her marmoreal winter- white shoulders. A final tug at the center knot, and she was off... carrying the tinkling drinks toward the guests, faces already illumined with a soft glow from the patio fire. This would be an evening to remember, a casual affair, but special nonetheless. An evening reminisced about the time she debuted the dark blue lacy shawl that she knit herself during the foregone midwinter's musings.
Yes, you are going to inspired to daydream too, when you get your samples! Not only that, you'll be inspired to actually get stitching! Thank you, Kyrie for giving us an opportunity to sample the gorgeous work you are willing and capable of creating. If you have a particular secret daydream with different colors- Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff will be most happy to custom dye anything for you. Just ask! This is the true pleasure of supporting small and independent dyers, like Kyrie, they really can make your fiber dreams come true!


Raine said...

Wow I really like the Shy violet yarn as well as the Blueberry Patch. She does a wonderful job!
Barnyardchick on Ravelry

Turtle said...

isn't it beautiful!

memarcierenee said...

The lace-weight Granny Smith is to 'dye' for. Sorry, couldn't resist. OMG it's beautiful. I want it, I want it, I want it.