Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HandSpun and Dyed Too!

A big box full of hand spun/hand dyed samples arrived from Handspun and Dyed too!
Squishy Squashy Woolly Wonderful Yarn and Batts! Handspun goodness, I tell you! I might just tell you I hugged a few skeins and spun around my living room, but then you would think I was weird. *Wink* The samples are HUGE so they are so very very huggable ;)
The colors Pamela sent in are so earthy and amazing! These skeins just confirm my notion that you can shop the box-the Phat Fiber box and find everything you're looking for!
Like many of our contributors, Pamela is multi-talented, but spinning fiber has become her main focus in recent years- and for good reason! When you look at her shop, you'll be pleasantly pleased at not only the assortment of yarns and colors, but at the affordable prices!
Her hand spun yarn club is of particular interest to me, because I have such a hard time deciding on what I want.
HandSpun and Dyed Too specializes in one of a kind items, which is perfect for special projects and gift knitting. And it is no coincidence that her etsy shop has over 1,000 sales! If you want a quality hand spun at a reasonable price, then this should be one of your go-to shops! I know all of you who receive a HandSpunAndDyedToo sample will be just thrilled! If you don't get one this time, go beg Pamela to contribute to February's box!! Maybe we can post below and beg? Show the love and post some warm fuzzies.


Minou14 said...

I am swooning over those gorgeous batts! The handspun and hand-dyed Tangerine Dream would be perfect for a springtime box. :)The Saphire is also an amazing blue. She's been added to my favorite sellers for sure. :)

Roo said...

Oh my...

I had to take a peek was immediately smitten with the merino and angelina batts:

A drum carder has been on my wish list for so long now... I am green with envy! *grin*

What an inspiration, I just love the colours, and am particularly fascinated by the single plies, which is something I have not attempted before.

A really great store, and I do hope she decides to join us for the February box!

Turtle said...

gorgeous colors!

Roo said...

Alright! WHO just bought those lovey batts I was spouting about yesterday? I just went to look at them again and they're gone :(