Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Stitches *GIVEAWAY*

Marcie, from In Stitches has sent in many cute stitch marker samples for us to enjoy!
She offers so many options in her shop! I really am in need of some of her needle holders! My knitting needle jars are in shambles!
Marcie has so many great deals going on in her shop right now! Many of them Buy some get some free deals! Stocking stuffers anyone? There is still time- She is in Arkansas which is somewhat centrally located ;)
I really also really admire the row counters- If I can slow down long enough to get another shawl started, I'm going to get these!
There is a little taste of everything she offers in all the January Phat Fiber boxes so lets give a big "Thank You!" to Marcie of In Stitches!
Marcie is doing a giveaway to a lucky commentor! Here are the details she sent me:
Ok, the recipient has their choice of either a set of sized needle holders (sizes of their choice, pic is just a representation) or a row counter and marker set. Set is large and can have rings to fit up to size 9 or 11 needles and would not really be a suitable set for tiny sock needles. However, if the recipient desires the set, I can puts rings for up to size 5.
You know what that means! Visit her shop, find something you like and comment about it below! Leave an identifying mark and we'll draw a winner on Saturday Evening! Plurks, Tweets, Blog entries, forum entries get you counted twice- just let us know where you helped spread the word! Good luck and Thank you Marcie!


Turtle said...

very nice, what good ideas!

Sharon Rose said...

I love the needle holders! What a great way to keep them corralled!
Needlegrrl on Ravelry :)

Amber/Rayne said...

I am so in love wit hthe row counters especially the rosey rose one. I also love that you have crochet stitch markers since the knit ones tend not to work with crochet.

Ceci said...

Pretty stuff! I especially could use the set of needle markers/holders.

(hee hee, your Word Verification says 'wingst'... is that like when birds feel sorry for themselves?)

Raine said...

I really like the needle holders. I have been thinking hhow I can organize these better. I also really like the black porcelain stitch markers, they are lovely.