Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Break

The blog will be offline for a few days this week while we all fervently finish up last minute holiday stitching and hopefully spend time with our loved ones. We'll be back early next week with lots of giveaways and reviews!! Wishing you both peace and prosperity this season and throughout the New Year!

Psst. I got a manicure and it is making my knitting go much faster ;) It really is the little things that make all the difference sometimes.


Roo said...

The manicure is really beautiful and I forgot to mention it in my email to you this morning! I am grinning though because you are SO relishing the opportunity to show it off :) What are those knitting needle type things you are holding? ARE they knitting needles? They seem very short... but VERY pretty!

Turtle said...

love the harmony needles! Cute mani (lol, i'm a nail tech) Enjoy your holiday!!

Soap Mogul said...

Oohh! Everyone, BTW that is Roo's yarn- "ice cloud" isn't it yummy!!?
Those my dear Roo, are the Harmony interchangeable circular needles from knitpicks- a holiday gift to myself:)
Somebody disagree with me and tell me they don't type or knit faster with a new mani?

Fiber Focus said...

Nice blog! Just came over from Fiber Focus to welcome you! Have a wonderful, fiber warm Holiday!