Sunday, April 19, 2009

Matilda's Italian Cookies

A special few of you got some delicious creme de menthe biscotti from Matilda's in their April phat boxes! Teri and Jessica, the co-owners of this delightful bakery, sent me a sampler tin of their amazing cookies!
When the tin arrived, my 3 year old looked lovingly at me and asked for one. My first inclination was to give him a cookie, then, as a gingerly picked up a dense powder sugar coated one, flashes of him ripping through his easter basket chocolate lipped stuffing more candy eggs into his little mouth, flew into my mind. The kids had their weekend of indulgence, now I was going to have mine.
Son: "Whyyyyy?"
"Because you've had too much candy this week and you'll get a tummy ache".

He started to turn away and then caught a glimpse of the one with the yellow spinkles on top.
"I want THAT one!" His eyes grew wide, and I knew this was going to either be worth fighting over or it wouldn't be. Quickly, I grabbed the tin and made my way into the kitchen as I poked one of the dense yet tender sweet cookies into my mouth. "Oh no, little boy..." I thought. "You're too young to appreciate the symphony of textures and tastes going on in my mouth right now."
Little boy on my heels, I closed the golden tin and placed it on a high shelf in the cupboard, spun around and said "Nap time!" in a chirping voice.

For those of you who follow me on twitter and facebook, you'll remember that I broke up with Will Power that day. It was a messy breakup, ending up with half the cookies gone before dinner and the rest polished off that evening between the husband and I.
I'm resolved to get back on the wagon soon, but the "italian cookie tin incident" as it is being refferred to around the house, was the sweetest sin I've performed in a long time.

Thank you so much Teri and Jessica, we hope you'll continue to contribute to the boxes, we enoy your goods too much!


Quilting Pansy said...

I hope I get some! I love Italian cookies-must be because my Grandmother was Italian, and they remind me of her:)

Melissa Verill said...

I received some biscotti and it is wonderful even though I am partial! Terri is my neighbor and if you need a special gift ie: Mothers Day or Fathers Day for the parent who has everything Terri's cookies are authentic and absolutely delish!

Turtle said...

Was it january and the pecans?? Yup, same problem! Lol, i almost hope no cookies in my box....but then again!!

amarkonmywall said...

It's best to let children wait for some of the finer things in life. Glad you enjoyed them- they look delicious. I'm off to the site now and hoping a taste arrives in my box!

morgaine24 said...

those look like there to die for i would have done the same thing running from my kid with flames coming off my heels lol

mamakin said...

Just looking at that tin of cookies makes me wonder how you managed to holdout so long before finishing them lol. I didn't get a sample but I'm sure going to check out her shop. And think of all the little stitch markers, measuring tapes etc you can now store in the tin! No guilt!