Friday, April 24, 2009

Where are you, Knick?

Knick is still MIA in the April Boxes- for those of you who haven't gotten theirs yet, please keep watch out for him!
Last month, he took a short trip to Washington state, where his host Mom ( Hi Turtle!) kept really good care of him and created a new scrapbook for him to travel with! How sweet!!

Totally random info, I know- but a few weekends ago I attended a small sheep and wool festival and that photo is of me realizing this is the woman who taught me to knit several years ago. I decided on a whim to drive to a fiber fling a few hours away in Missouri and this woman literally held my hands and taught me to knit ( I was a rabid crocheter before this point). As I told her while I was there, she has no idea what monster she created *grin*
Her reply was "I'm glad someone gets it".

You know who else "gets it"?
The wonderful 98 year old Italian grandmother who was trapped in her home for days after that deadly earthquake a few weeks ago. She knitted to pass the time:

Knit On.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What a wonderful story:)I'm sure that knick is going to turn up.(((Hugs)))Darcy

Turtle said...

oh no! Knick...yoo hoo!