Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Time to reveal this past week's winners!

::drum roll::

Jela's fiber batts: CinderLisa !!!!

Moonwoodfarm moonbeam club: Gail (Gail's hooks yarns and needles)

Congratulations!!! We've got some uber-amazing giveaways coming up! Thank you everyone for commenting!


Roo said...

Congratulations, Gail!

Gail said:

First I checked out the Moonbeams colors and fell in love with Sweet Princess. In a few years that will be my hair! (Hm, I may need a sample to show my hairdresser.) But the instructions say: "tell us what colors you would love to see reproduced in moonbeams."

So I looked again. Blackberry caught my eye. Deep, subtle, and ... unreproducable.

So I looked yet again. (Gladly, the colors are beautiful.) And found Greener Pastures to love.

I too really enjoyed Blackberry, and although I cannot reproduce it exactly, I may be able to come up with a similar colourway that would work well with the moonbeams.

One other comment really stood out to me, and that was Heather's (winemakerssister):


Gosh, what an amazing collection! Soooo tempting. How about a "Moonlight" colorway -- dark blue, black, royal blue, gold and silver...


I LOVE this suggestion! Heather, I am going to put this colourway on my to do list and you will receive a complimentary serving of these Moonlight moonbeams for coming up with these.

Turtle said...

congrats! i so missed the box yesterday, le sigh!

Gail said...

Wow, thanks, I am so thrilled!
I missed the box, too, even though I was sitting at my computer (now I know what "keep refreshing the page" means!:) 9:58 then 10:01 is not often enough.)

I think "Moonlight" sounds really beautiful. I also think I'm falling for the names as much as the descriptions and pictures.

Scooter said...

Missed the box too. I even budgeted it in this month:( but on a brigher note I did get my prize from last weeks give away and the Chicken In the Woods yarn is so beautiful. I can't wait to find the PERFECT project for it.

PhatLady said...

Roo, I love how you've written what your favorite suggestions are. It is making me even more excited to start receiving the club shipments!

CinderLisa said...

Oh that's me! Yay! :-D I'm so excited, I never win any of these types of things! I guess persistence pays off. heehee