Monday, August 3, 2009

Northern Bay Handspun

I sincerely hope that you have had a chance to sample a bit of luxury handspun from Northern Bay Handspun in past boxes. If you haven't, consider treating yourself to some of the most delicious yarn I've come across.

When a shop has an entire section called "bison" you know it's where the good stuff hides!

I thought Linda's profile on her etsy shop was especially adorable, and I wanted to share it with you all:

"Hello and welcome to my dream come true store. Every day when I wake up, I’m still amazed that I get to spend yet another day spinning these gorgeous fibers. It is such a gift to spin them and watch the variation in color, think about the animals or plants they came from, feel the different textures pass by my fingers, and plan what I would do with them if I were going to use them to knit or weave.

I love working with the natural fibers but also have fun dying my own fibers. I'm continually amazed at how gorgeous the colors come out and it's such fun to think...I did that!

This is truly a hand spun adventure as the wheel I spin on (Robin) is made here in Maine by a detailed artisan and my other tools – knitty knotty, bobbin holder, swift, the room I spin in – were all made by my own loving, exquisite craftsman: my husband! On warm days (w/out bugs!), I sit out on our deck and listen to the birds, watch the woods--our neighbors have recently seen moose and bear; I'll keep an eye out--and smell the flowers just a few feet from the deck (can I hope that some of those smells will get incorporated into the yarn?).

I usually have lots more fiber than I have spun up at the moment; so, if you see something you want more of then please e-mail me and we’ll figure it out. Want something fun like bison or quivet (absolutely heavenly to knit) or ?? then just let me know."

No wonder Linda's yarns have this truly positive vibe when you handle them. Trust me, you'll understand when you get some in your hands. It's a feeling machines will never be able to reproduce.

Linda, thank you so much for enjoying what you do and sharing it with us!


Turtle said...

wow, some beautiful colorways! and bison...hmmmmm! something to try!

Perry said...

Even yak! :)


Amysatx said...

I really liked the Sea Foam and for some reason, also the Creamsicle (not my normal color preference).