Friday, August 7, 2009

Super Box Winner!!! (June Samples)

If you've won, please email Jessie

You all are so awesome for donating to such a great cause like the Nature Conservancy!!
We're really grateful!


Jennifer said...

Those are some darn cute assistants you got there, lady!

Quilting Pansy said...

Super cute :)
(and, alas, I didn't win)

Turtle said...

congrats on raising so much moolah!! i have no clue who won but.... congrats!

Marimba's Notes said...

The Give Me Love BFL is just gorgeous! Especially the Fire and Enchanted forest colorways. Very jewel-toned. Looks like it would make some amazing yarn. :D Tweeting about it right now:

Terri said...

Jessie, you are one lucky mom...not to mention so creative. Love how you did this!

Rachel O said...

What an absolute riot! The video was just too funny!

Great work on all fronts!