Thursday, February 4, 2010

December Superbox Giveaway!

Remember the Fall competition? Our knitting category winner was Kira from Kira K Designs. She would like us to host another giveaway drawing, this time to support the Mercy Corps Haiti relief efforts. The Mercy Corps were already on the ground when the quake happened, and have been in one of the better positions to help out.

How to enter the giveaway drawing:

For every $5 donated to Mercy Corps
You will be given a number to be entered in the drawing.

Please forward your receipt of payment to

Within a few days, you should get a reply back with your numbers. Please keep that email until the beginning of March when we will hold our drawing.

Thank you for continuing to help out the Haiti relief efforts and a big big thank you to Kira K Designs for donating her prize to help!

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