Monday, February 22, 2010

Name that Wheel - Giveaway!

I am squealing with delight! By some fortuitous, lucky, magical, karmic reasons, I am now the proud caretaker of a pre-loved Majacraft Rose spinning wheel! I have wanted this kind of wheel for quite some time, it's been a "dream wheel" for me! Well, there are still the Golding Wheels I lust after, but this one was right up there!

Help me celebrate this good fortune!! My wheel needs a name! For more info about the Rose, you can read a little about it here. I am giving away a full 3.2 oz of Mulberry Silk Sliver dyed by me in a beautiful, deep burgundy/maroon/wine. Since I live in Saluki Town
I immediately thought "Saluki Silk" when this came out of the dyepot!

All you need to do to win the silk, is have your name suggestion be chosen for my new wheel.
You can leave your comment here or in the Ravelry group. This contest will last the entire week, so put your thinking caps on!


jessecreations said...

I keep coming back to the Sleeping Beauty idea. Her name was Briar Rose (and in the Disney version "Aurora,"), and of course you know the spinning wheel was significant in her life. So I'd call the wheel "Aurora" because it ties in the idea of it being a "Rose" wheel.

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Andrea said...


I have no idea why. My brain is odd before coffee. But there ya go!

Chris said...

How about 'Fortune' as in a wheel of fortune. I don't know about your crafting activities, but mine certainly have their ups and downs... and this way you can always blame the wheel. :P

Angie said...

Oooh, lucky you! She is lovely :) I would call her Rosalie. It's one of my favorite names and just seems fitting. Elegant and pretty!

Juna666 said...

Wow that is a great wheel. I would call her Athena, since she is the Greek Godess of textile and specifically of spinning. I think it would be fitting.

KayakChickee said...


Elaine said...

I thought of Rosamunde, a lovely name, which was also a piece of music composed by Schubert. It has a very round sound and seemed just perfect.


skaro964 said...

I would suggest Dream Girl. because you dreamed about getting one for what I assume was a long while.

Kat said...


I have come up with 3 names. This wheel screams Celtic names for me. Who knows why.
Maeve meaning mythical queen
Oriana meaning blonde. (I went with the color of the wood.)
Moira meaning exceptional.

Elaine said...

I suggest:

Rouet d'amour

which is spinning wheel of love in French (incidentally, roulette meaning little wheel derives from rouet)

Or you could call it

Filature d'amour

filature is the noun for spinning

In any case I'm sure you will love her!

Elaine said...

By the way, since this is not luck but a "skill" giveaway, I hope it's fine to enter more than once.

Ed said...

Liesl! I just like the name. ;)

Kelli said...


Magan said...

Ooo, congrats!! I would name her Serena, meaning "Composed; peaceful" which is how I feel when I'm spinning. :-)

CinderLisa said...

I'm going to go cutesy and suggest Trudy Treadle. She's a beauty.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the beautiful wheel!
I would name her Lulu; meaning precious, calm, and peaceful.

CindyD said...

Belle Rose de Roue

This name is French for "Beautiful Rose Wheel".

Belle, for short?

Belle Roue (Beautiful Wheel)
Rose de la Roue Or (Rose of the Wheel)

saskia said...

she's lovely

Kristen said...

Well there is "Arachnae", the spinner. But that conjures images of spiders and many people find that unpleasant.
Arwen? (or Eowyn?)
Or you could name it Kristen. I've enjoyed being Kristen. :)

moiraeknittoo said...

Orchid, to be all ironical and stuff. ;)

Sue said...

These are just old manes I love

EJ said...

A twist on an earlier suggestion:

Filatura Rosa

(La filatura is spinning in Italian)

Filatoio Roso

(filatoio is spinning wheel in Italian, but filatura has a much nice sound to me)

Or just


Sarah said...

How about serendipity?

rebelhousewife said...

Rapunzel, because she looks like she could spin gold. Congrats on the lovely wheel.


Echo M said...

Serenity: the peace and serenity found while working with fiber.

Or Sheena

She is awful pretty,

Chantel said...

What about Phat Phlyer? Gorgeous by the way!

Turtle said...

big congrats! i spun on one of those a few weeks back and loved it! How about Fiberlicious Rose, i mean you've gotta keep rose in there somewhere and what will she be flaunting? Fiber! Like a great big feathery boa!

knitmomma said...

I don't know if you want more than one suggestion, but:

Melody (the two of you can make beautiful music together)
Lady Jane

I went to a web site and looked at names of roses (the plant) for ideas. Those where what stuck with me!

VeloCC said...

I think Magic Rose would be great, because I am sure wou will do magic with it:)

Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous.
i would call her willow.
she's willowy.
and i just bought a boat.
and her name is willow, she is just as beautiful.

Heidi B said...

Dream spinner

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!!

The rose has been associated with many goddesses in many cultures throughout the centuries. Among all those who had a significant connection to the rose, I would name her Isis.


EVA SB said...

Rosalinda because she is a Rose and she is beautiful

Kathleen said...

You are a Lucky Lady! My suggestions are:
Holly or Hollie
Holle or Frau Holda or Holda, Frau Holle (also Holde, Hulda, Hulle, and Holl)(the Germanic supernatural matron of spinning)
Cracklin' Rosie

Cindy said...

Your Rose is originally from New Zealand so I think you should consider a Maori name in honor of the island's first people. I like Hiri (pronounced HEE ree) which generally means important and great. Enjoy your Rose, I love mine!

EJ said...

My earlier suggestions were:

Filatura Rosa

Filatoio Roso


Clearly they should be:

Philatura Rosa

Philatoio Roso


EJ said...
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Cozy Knitting said...

How about Rosalita?

Greta said...

I'm not sure this is the most original thing out there, but it IS a spinning wheel and it IS a rose, so why not call it Briar Rose (Princess Aurora's name when she goes into hiding in Sleeping Beauty). I don't know much about your love life, but maybe your new wheel will even bring your Prince Charming to you!

Greta said...

Oh, poo. I just noticed someone already came up with that one. Even though I arrived at that name completely independently I guess they got it first.

spinsandknits said...

Priscilla came to mind as soon as I saw her.

jennifer said...


desertgarden (my Majacraft's name is "Fly")

Alaskan Nancy said...


EJ said...

Rondelle meaning a circular jewel or a jeweled ring.

It certainly is that! Congrats. Can wait to see what you produce with it!

trh said...

I think you want a short name or you won't use it - how about Roz?

Kat said...

There are so many Rose's here that I have to add another.

How about Rosetta?

Johanna said...

How about something simple but true "Lady Luck" as you came by her by chance, and everyone knows lady luck is fickle but can bring about some very interesting happenings. In this case some very amazing yarns to tell!

morgaine24 said...

I like the name Sayuri in english it translates to small lily. Eowyn is pretty as well vbarton 24 at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I think Briar Rose is a great choice!

Nightphoenix said...

I like Tezi - it's a variation on the Hindi word for whirl.

Lizbert on Ravelry

Kenlynn said...

How about Ruby?

Anonymous said...

I could help you pick :-)

Congratulations on a fabulous-looking wheel.

Little Miss S. said...

She's such a Bertha :) And I'm envious...