Friday, June 11, 2010

Winners this week and DIY face mask video!

I should mention, that although this is all natural, you should always to a test patch somewhere discreet when trying out new applications- the inside of your upper arm is a good place. Also- even though honey has amazing preservation qualities (they found honey in ancient Egyptian tombs- unspoiled!) you really shouldn't try to store this mask. Make fresh every time.


Dancingspindle ! You won the WCMercantile BFL/Silk fiber!

Lizbert ! You won the Beesybee milk fiber!

! You won the It's a colorful life hand pulled roving ball set !

Flamingwitch ! You won the Bitsyknits Roses of France Yarn!

Please email me- phatfiber at yahoo dot com with your address info and I'll get those mailed out to you asap!

As always, more delicious giveaways coming soon....


Terri said...

Jessi, you are just too cute! Thanks for this video!

Turtle said...

congrats winners!! nice video link !!

Sherry said...

Loved the video, not weird at all.