Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haley Studio

Here are the beautiful samples Enid, from Haley Studio sent in for March! They were quite generous, and all had a very healthy, lustre to the wool- it was easy to tell Enid made careful decisions when selecting her materials. Very scrumptious! Look closely at the last picture and you will see how to get 15% off of your next purchase from Haley Studio. *wink*
Enid took the time to do a little write up, explaining her samples and I think she did a wonderful job (both on the samples and her explanation) so I have copied and pasted this from her blog:
"All the roving for these samples was bought in person, from the people who raised the sheep, at either the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival or the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Minnesota. I know for sure that the Shetland samples are naturally colored fiber with no added dye. I believe that the BFL/Lincoln is also naturally colored, but at the same time I know the “ideal” breed specimens are white, not gray. So I’m not positive! I am also unsure whether the BFL/Lincoln is wool from a cross-breed or a blend of wools from both breeds.
The packaging is representative of what you’ll get from my shop – all yarns have been washed gently with Synthrapol, wrung and sent through the spin cycle, then air-dried. Next they are tagged with length, weight, and a space to write in stitches per inch. I include the sheep breed in the fiber content if it is known.
These samples are characteristic of my spinning in that they are traditionally textured, two-ply and on the light side of worsted. I have a spinning wheel with a small orifice, and it seems to like this kind of yarn best! However, some yarns in my shop are Navajo-ply, funky spirals, or bulkier weight, and as it happens I’m all out of Shetland for this year! I hope to get more in September at the WI fest. I also very much enjoy spinning dyed roving sourced from other small vendors (via Etsy, other online shops and the festivals) – although dyeing is fun, I like spinning better.
Allergy notes: Yarn has been spun in a non-smoking household. I have a cat, but she isn’t allowed around the yarn once it’s been washed; it’s stored in a large plastic bin with some anti-moth herbs and cedar chips.
Don’t forget to check for the coupon code on the tag to get 15% off your order!"
Thank you so much Haley Studio, for contributing to Phat Fiber! We hope you'll be able to participate again and again!


Anaya said...

I really love the artists/artisans/fiber goddesses that you feature in your blog....this post is no exception!

Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

these are so yummy!

i am looking forward to contributing soon. there are themes monthly correct? i noticed this month was green and next month is eco-green, right? please let me know when you have ones with more color so that I may send you samples for a box. thanks! lisa

Turtle said...

looks great!

Islandgirl said...

Yummy indeed. Very nice stuff!

Mara said...


Carolyn said...

Beautiful natural colored wool. I really like the info on the tags, too.

PhatLady said...

Eco green doesn't have to mean the color. Just eco friendly. This month was "Celtic" and many of our contributors sent in samples that were not green.

Haley Studio said...

Thanks for the write-up! Your photos came out great. I'm glad to be part of this talented bunch of fiber artists and craftspeople.