Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phat Fiber Spring 09 Competition!!

Phat Fiber Spring Competition!
This competition is open to everyone who wants to enter (not just people who got boxes)
Prizes For Each Category: $25 gift certificate to The Lote Tree Winning items featured on Blog and newsletter Phat Fiber gear (t-shirts/buttons/bags) Free Phat Fiber Box $20 toward purchases to Phat Shop of your choice. Bragging Rights/Glory More prizes may be added in the future. (Prizes added already: A hank of handspun from



How to Enter:
Create a project using only materials supplied by “Phat” shops. Your tools (knitting needles/hooks/wheels/felting needles) may be of mass commercial origin. The point of the competition is to explore the Indie Phat Shops. You may do searches on this blog to find featured shops, or look under the contributor section of the website ( When in doubt, ask the seller before purchasing materials if he/she is “Phat”. You may use your samples or samples given to you by box recipients. You also may enter all three categories. Please use one project per category. If you will stitch using your own handspun, you may enter the handspun in the handspun category and then stitch/weave with it.
How the winners will be determined: You must submit photos (at least 1 good one and up to 3) of your finished work to with “spring contest submission” in the subject line. You must also briefly state materials used (to certify “phatness”).
The deadline to Submit your Projects is May 1st. The winner to be announced after the anonymous voting (yes, you'll get to vote too!) is closed (around mid-month May). Everyone is eligible for this competition, but if you are a contributor to Phat Fiber, you must use another contributor’s materials when making your project- minimal supplementation with your own materials will be allowed (less than 10% ) since you’re phat too.


idyll hands said...

Ooooh - me likey this idea :) Actually, this is really a good idea. I can't wait to see what comes from it.

Anonymous said...

Now - the real problem: Be sure to get a box!!!