Friday, May 22, 2009


This is something you're going to want to bookmark and check back on!! Fiberphiles has a new website and you can now pre-order sock yarn Georgia (the dye goddess) will be listing in her website.

I am utterly in love with all of Fiberphiles colorways! Waaay back in March, I purchased some of her Alchemy sock in the "Inlet" colorway and I was completely blown away when it arrived. As it sometimes happens, my husband was also smitten with it, and I commenced knitting him a pair of socks. Of course, my birthday is in late March, so I became increasingly selfish with my knitting and after finishing one sock, left the other partially knit one to linger on the needles.
Does anyone else have a problem finishing socks for men?

I am telling you right here and now, the main motivation for continuing this sock is the completely fall over myself gorgeous dye job this yarn has. Look at the eye of partridge flap on these babes! Talk about stitch definition! Like I said, I'm in love!!

Please check out Georgia's beautiful Blog. I am completely amazed at all of the things she manages to do and accomplish! The blog is quite beautiful and certainly worth checking out.

I am going to recomitt to finishing poor Marcus' socks this weekend and unfortunately, I'll be frogging at least 40 rows because I was paying too much attention to whatever was on TV when I went to center my heel flap. Hey, it's just more time to spend soaking in this beautiful yarn, right?

Thank you Georgia, for being an inspiration to me and for creating such luscious yarns!


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CinderLisa said...

She definitely has some gorgeous stuff!

Buckette said...

So purdy! *sigh*

PenelopeRose said...

Beautiful yarn and you make me want a pair of socks just like that!! said...

YUM! You have inspired me to create an "enabler" button LOL

EverImprovingMe said...

it is lovely