Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poppy Flower Fibers and a Pup in need

Lisa of Poppy Flower Fibers has just contacted me in search of help. Lisa has contributed to the box, and will be featured in August's release.

Lisa's dearest friend Poppy (and her fiber business' namesake) is very ill and in need of veterinary care that at this point, Lisa cannot afford. Lisa feels very helpless at this point because with proper treatment, there is a good chance her Poppy will make a recovery and be back to her normal jubilant self.

I remember seeing a tweet of Lisa's some days ago talking about selling her spinning wheel to pay for the bills and I remember thinking how much Lisa must love her pup!
At this point, Lisa is having a fundraiser for Poppy's medical bills and is selling collectible tickets to win an 8oz luxury fiber club listing for August- to be drawn on the 8th.
Perhaps yarn is your treat of choice? Lisa just had a semi solid yarn update in her shop! Show off those intricate lace or cabled socks by using semi solids!

Here are some links to help keep track of Lisa and Poppy's situation.

twitter: poppyflowerfibr

blog: http://www.poppyflowerfibers.blogspot.com



Thanks for taking the time to check out Lisa's shop and situation!


The Mully's said...

She is such a beautiful dog. I feel for Lisa. I'll try to help where I can. :)

emwall24 said...

I gave just a little bit, but I showed her blog to my husband (loves dogs as much as I do, fiber not so much) and as soon as he gets paid again he's going to help out too. Hugs to Lisa and Poppy.

Autumn said...

Thanks for telling us about this.

EverImprovingMe said...

thank you for sharing this with us! i want to help