Saturday, July 11, 2009

Winners this week!

Thank you all so much for commenting this week!

I had a tough time deciding on a name for the wheel and I had to go with felt good in the gut!
I chose Dani's suggestion "Orb" because that fits her personality, sort of pays homage to where she came from, and my Louet's name is "Luna" and it just fit!

There are still winners to be had with this giveaway though! I chose the first runner up name to be "Moonbeam" so Joanna, you have a choice between the handspun or the batt!

Second runner up was "Kaiora" from Kathleen so you'll get the second prize!

Again, Thank you all for helping me!

On to the other prizes this week!

Smoky Mountain Fibers roving: Campbell (Anna)

Into the Whirled Batt: Spindipity

Goodness Gracious bag and handspun: Autum (@autumnsflame)

My8KidsMom sock yarn: SKARO964

If you've won, please email me at with your addresses and I'll send them out asap!

We've got another big giveaway this weekend!!


Autumn said...

I think the names you picked were pretty awesome. Congrats to everyone.

mamakin said...

Having issues with my blog & other computer related things. Should stick with what I know- Tea & cake or death, little red cook book.
I love the name you chose & hope you have many happy years spinning together.
Congrats to all the winners!

Star said...

I think that's awesome!! The luna is my favorite moth!!Congrats!!