Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where is Knick?

Knick has been pretty quiet lately. He did arrive back from his vacay in GA in time to hop inside of a July Phat Fiber box.
While Knick was away, he had April (his host Mom) forward a few notes to let me know he was ok. Here are his updates:

Knick here. I thought I'd send you an update. It's been pretty laid back here at the Rose house. I've poked in her small stash, checked out her WIP and met a couple of knitted folk. They made an Ikea run this weekend. I went along. A little bit of cheap Europe is better than no Europe at all, I suppose, but we did have fun. I also found a small fairy house in their backyard. Apparently the fairy likes fiber as well.

I had April take a few pictures.

I'll write again before I have her mail me home.



Not much to say really, it was pretty low key again. I tagged along with April and her kids to a nearby park that has a real caboose for the kids to play in. We took a small walk in the woods behind the park to check on some wild honeybees who were living in a sawed off log. Sadly, the hive had been destroyed. We hope they moved away to higher ground.

They went to Chattanooga for the weekend and invited me along. We had a great time. Took a ride on a steam train. Visited April's favorite coffeehouse. They make a killer oatmeal there. We walked across the Tennessee river via a pedestrian bridge for supper.

I've attached some photos of the last few days.

I think I will be coming home this week. I'll have April e-mail you the tracking number of my vehicle-cum-box when she gets it.

Love, Knick


Roo said...

Yay!!! So nice to hear from Knick, I worry about him sometimes, cute little fella.

The Mully's said...

Welcome back Nick! Wanna come visit the desert? We could go horseback-riding, ride atvs, and enjoy monsoon season. :)

Turtle said...

Hey Knick! Looks like a good summer!

Tracy said...

Weeee! Traveling Knick!
How fun! : )

mamakin said...

For a minute I thought Knick was in Sweden!! He's having a more eventful summer than we are. Maybe I'll get lucky & be Knick in my next life & live in a fibery world with lovely people taking me on train trips & visits to Ikea.
I wonder how he'd feel going to an Aerosmith concert or an Eddie Izzard concert-that's about all we've got lined up around here.
He's too cute & I love the knitting needles.