Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dome Hill Yarn *GIVEAWAY*

It is slated to "snow" today in my little neck of the woods. There is something about the first snow of the season that is so quiet and calming. When that first snow falls on a Sunday evening, it is as if the spheres have aligned and the hope that you wont be able to make it in to work or school the next day- snowballs into fantasies about curling up next to a crackling fire with your knitting.
Now, imagine a snow covered 9 acre wooded farm nestled in the rural and rugged beauty of Missouri. On these 9 acres sits a house- not just any house- a dome home. In that dome home lives and works a woman and, not just any woman, a yarnie named Kay.
Kay Luke, the dye master behind Dome Hill Yarn, sent in several of the cutest center wound sample balls in her "Frost" colorway. Kay is a self-proclaimed trivia nut which can mean only one thing. She pays attention to details. Kay's yarn won't stripe or pool on you- perfect for making socks with lacy patterns! Her skeins of sock yarn seem large too- 400+ yards each!
There is a bit of whimsy about Dome Hill Yarn. I love the "Caramel Latte" yarn she has. I just keep picturing more intricate sock patterns with this yarn- cables, lace etc. This is definitely the yarn that would free me up to learn more difficult techniques/patterns.
Okay, I'll get to the contest!
Kay of Dome Hill Yarn will be giving away an entire skein of "Frost" for a random commenter- here is the kicker- you have to tell a snowman joke!! Drawing will be held on Tuesday!
Kay started us off with hers:
Q: Where does a snowman keep his money? A: In a snowbank!
Good Luck and have fun and don't forget to visit Dome Hill Yarn!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Vines Winner~



Have a great Weekend- look for another contest on my next post!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Vines and *Giveaway*

Ever visit an online store full of gorgeous fiber that looks so soft you think "it must be some kind of photography trick" that makes it look velvety? Vines is one of those store I visit on a regular basis to look longingly at spinning fiber. You all knew I was weird- so stop it! First, the colors are just incredible. I don't think she carries anything that spun up, wouldn't work with my wardrobe. Secondly, the braided fiber is just a joy to look at. They beg to be set out and displayed, used, fondled, not shoved in a fiber bin when company's coming. I can see it now...
What's This? Oh, didn't you know I spin luxury fiber into yarn that I knit up into luscious accessories for my wardrobe? You want to learn how too? Come, let me dig through and find some pencil roving here in this big plastic bin... hey wait a minute... Hey you- stop! PUT THE VINES FIBER BRAIDS DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE DROP SPINDLE!

Ok, I'll stop with the re-enactments. Really, you must, must get some of this fiber. Erin sent in a few baby Rambouillet braids and they are sooo sooo soft! She dyed them especially for us Phat Fiber fiends in "Ice Queen", a colorway which I absolutely adore. She is open to custom dyeing something for you too- just convo her about it. Today, okay?
Please Visit Vines, find something you like... post a comment below and a winner of a Vines Baby Rambouillet Braid will be randomly drawn on Friday! Remember to leave some way for me to find you- Rav id or what not.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bohemian Knitter Chic

Bohemian Knitter Chic sent in several of her original pasties patterns, complete with embellishments! These are so fun! A way to use the yarn you get in you phat fiber sampler box perhaps? I literally said "ooh sparkly" when I opened her box of samples! Her patterns are very original, and if you've got it- why not flaunt it?

The multi-talented Boho Knitter Chic is not your average domestic engineer- she also an indie dyer! I really like all of her bold and bright yarns available in her shop. So, for your enjoyment, she sent in several mini skeins for you as well!

Brittany is one of those awesome ladies who make knitting look cool. Just look at her knitting ink: She has a picture on her blog of her knitting while getting tattooed! Her face is calm as could be. Okay, how cool is that? Cool enough to be the pin-up girl for February 2008 Bad Girl Knits!
Why Bohemian Knitter? Because she's never in the same place for long! She has a secret project called "covered in knit" that brings a little knitted happiness to the world! I have never come across any knit graffiti, but if someone wants to cover the tree branches in my front yard with knitted sleeves, I'd be okay with that! I really enjoy reading about her "covered in knit" updates- you should all blogroll her! You know what else? You should all go buy something from her shop, and help fund her knitting crusade ;)

Winner for Desired Haven Roving

Come on Down!

Just to let the rest of you know- there will be more contests soon!! Keep posted!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Desired Haven Farm and *GIVEAWAY*

Misty from Desired Haven Farm, sent several 1 ounce balls of roving for all you hand spinners to try! The blue ones are dyed by Misty, and are made up of "thrummings" which are all of the bits left over from various fiber projects were saved and sent to the mill for processing. The result is quite interesting and would be fun to experiment with! This fiber may need a bit more processing to suit some as it may have some vegetable matter in it, but this just means it's the real deal!
Misty of Desired Haven also spins some lovely 100% angora rabbit yarn, which I had the pleasure of purchasing a little while ago. Misty cares for several English angora rabbits and meticulously harvests their fur every 90 days or so! Try finding 100% angora yarn and see who pops up... Misty is one of the very few! The white angora yarn I purchased from her will be knitted into a special gift this holiday- any suggestions on what I should make with it, would be also appreciated!
*Giveaway details*
Misty would like to give 2 of her 1 oz samples that she sent in, to 1 lucky commenter! Just visit Desired Haven Farm, find something you like and write about it in the comments section below. Make sure you leave some way for me to get back with you when we draw names, and as always linking to the blogpost or blogging about this contest will net you a second entry! Contest ends Thursday 11/20/08

Monday, November 17, 2008

And the Winner is,,,,

Come on down!!! Email me at with your info!

Are you sad you didn't get a set of Pedras stitch markers?

We've got more neat contests lined up, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I Lurve this bouncy sock yarn! Ellie at Crazy4Dyeing sent in several mini skeins of her jolly sock yarn custom dyed in "glacier" colorway- just for you lucky people who get January's box!

A little about her store:Crazy4Dyeing is a one-woman show and the brainchild of Ellie. A quilter for many years, she has come only lately to knitting and dyeing. Her experience with color served her well while designing and creating quilts, and now she puts those fine-tuned skills to good use while dyeing her unique colorways. A scientist by education, she fore goes formulas and note-taking while dyeing and lets serendipity rule the day. It all seems just a little crazy!

I can't tell you how much I *need* to get some of her yarn. She has a new "zestysock" base yarn I'm itching to stitch with- especially the "zoisa" colorway!I really love the jolly sock yarn base though. It has a nice twist is very soft and springy. Ellie has so much to offer in her shop, it would really be best to purchase her crazy as a loon sock club, that way you don't have to agonize over which ones to buy- unless you just like to do that sort of thing *wink*. I also love how she has several different base yarns to choose from. Her swankysock base yarn is a wool and sea cell blend! Ellie does more than sock yarn though! she'll be listing laceweight and Aran yarn soon and I for one, am holding my breath until she does! Crazy4Dyeing has a group on Ravelry too- so we can all talk about our latest projects with Ellie's yarn and remember- she does take color requests into consideration!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pedras and *Giveaway*!

Ohh how beautiful these stitch markers are! They really are like jewelry! has graciously sent in beautifully handcrafted beaded stitch markers for your knitting and crocheting pleasure! Yes, these markers can be used for both!! I absolutely adore the simple elegance of everything in her shop.
I have some white angora yarn I will be knitting into a gift soon and I'm really pining after some of these to use with it! Oh imagine the visual delight of sunlight glinting off of these crystal beads as you click away your favorite pattern.
Thank you, Thank you, Pedras for giving some lucky folks these bejeweled stitch markers!
Priscilla from Pedras is hosting a giveaway! A full set of her stitch markers will be sent to a lucky commenter! All you have to do is take a look at her shop, find something you like and post about it in the comments section below. Link to this blogpost and get a second entry! The giveaway will end on Monday so head over to Pedras now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I can has Karrot Kake?

Ok a silly post, but when I saw this picture:

I had to give a "paws applause" to all the phat fiber contributors! You can find more really cute and funny bunny pics at LOLBUNZ
I don't see any angoras on there yet!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bunky Bobo's

Bunky Bobo’s hand dyed yumminess arrived a few days ago- what a treat! Sandy of Bunky Bobo’s does it all, knitting, dyeing and she even makes lip balm! Inside her box of samples, was a special package for me- my very own skein of sock yarn and lip balm to test!! I must admit to you, I wasn't as excited about the lip balm as I was the yarn, but then I tried it… YUM! It has a really soft, smooth and creamy texture and her “frosting” flavor is spot on! It immediately found its way into my purse. A few of you lucky peeps will be getting Bunky Girl Lip Balm because Sandy was so generous and threw a few in for January’s Box! Okay, I had way too much fun photographing Bunky Bobo’s Yarn. Her colors are just awesome, the yarn is of great quality, and her names are inspired by literature. While I was photographing them, I found myself planning sock projects for each color. My Dad, I’ve decided, needs some socks made from her “Lear” colorway. My sister Jill needs some monkey socks from “Hera” and I want something from Henry the 5th! Macbeth looks like it needs to be a hat or wrist-warmers for my younger sis Susan. If you want froo froo pastels, don’t shop at Bunky Bobo’s. Nope. Only deep, rich, soulful colorways can be found in her shop. Speaking of soulful, I rarely miss reading Sandy’s blog- where she continually stands up for those of us who are dependant on nice yarn. A warm fuzzy to Bunky Bobos!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moonwood Farm

Are you ready for some fibery goodness? I have had a fiber crush on Moonwood Farm’s animals for a while now. I love visiting Moonwood’s site and looking all of the absolutely adorable animals they care for. Their lovely website enables you to actually read and come to “know” the animals your fiber comes from. Roo, the Mistress of Moonwood, has graciously sent in some exquisite handspun yarn samples and Hand Spinner’s kits. I cannot tell you the self-restraint I have had to muster while handling this fiber. After opening her shipment, I wanted to just grab it all and and go hide somewhere and feel it while saying "my precious" over and over. The handspun feels as if it will float off of my hands when I hold it- and the natural color is so gorgeous. I am having dreams at night of a hand knit sweater made from her yarn! The quality of the items listed in her etsy shop can only be fully appreciated in person. The details, right down to the tags, are so well planned and carefully crafted. Moonwood Farm does everything right… especially breeding Alpacas.
Just look at this one! Stare deep into Myra's eyes and then tell me you don't want one.
For those of you who will get a Moonwood sample- consider yourself lucky! For those who aren’t so lucky, Roo will be offering her samples only for the month of January. I cannot tell you how much you NEED this fiber.
Take time out and treat yourself to a wonderful fiber experience.. visit Moonwood Farm today!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knit Craft Note Cards

Cindy Moore has been hard at work translating The Art of Knitting 1897 into modern knitting patterns! This is a huge undertaking, and to help fund her time spent on this laborious task, Cindy is now offering beautifully printed note cards with the translated pattern and sample swatch on them. These cards are very beautiful and suitable for gifting in various swaps or as small gifts to your knitting pals. I’m sure these would be especially coveted by those blessed with the ability to design knitwear patterns! Several lucky box recipients will be getting a full color printed note card from Be sure to collect them all!

For those of you who also belong to Ravelry, Cindy is known as “FitterKnitter” and has downloads available here:
Cindy also has a large group on Ravelry devoted to her Art of Knitting project.
Thank you Cindy for contributing a unique and beautiful sample to January’s Box!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art

Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art has everything fiber in their Ebay shop! From finished knitted items to lovely spinning fibers, you will find something there you need. You can spend the better part of an afternoon exploring all the wonderful listings Gayle and her family have for sale! Most of her items are original one-of-a- kind pieces with neat names like “Haight Ashbury”, “Psychedelic”, and “Woodstock” that are so befitting the wonderfully colorful and playful work she offers up. Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art contributed several wonderful mini batts for your hand spinning enjoyment!
The samples are so soft and the colors are so vibrant!
Gayle welcomes custom work so be sure to contact her about doing something for you. Some of the fiber she offers are Llama, merino wool, cashmere, yak, baby alpaca, baby camel, peace silk, soy silk, angora rabbit and mohair. Go ahead, get some! Fiber is good for you.
Seriously, if you want something truly unique and delicious, I can think of no better place to start than Plum Crazy Llama Ranch and Fiber Art!