Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruddawg KIP Bag Giveaway!

Brenda the KIP bag lady is back from vacation! You know what that means, right? Fresh and delicious project bags available!

July is the time to start really working on your holiday knitting and gifting. Trust me, when you start stocking up on gifts now, you'll save money and be able to resist some of the holiday madness when it rolls around- you'll be prepared! How fun would it be to get your knitting friend a beautiful handmade KIP bag with a skein of yarn inside!

We're giving away 4 Oceanic themed bags! Just visit Ruddawg and find something you like (this will be fun!) and write about it in the comments section below. We'll draw for FOUR winners on Friday!! Remember to tweet and plurk and facebook for extra entires!

Brenda, we're so glad you're back from vacation!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Winners!

Mondays are not that bad.
Mondays are not that bad.

Yay! We've got some winners, Thank you Random.org!

Zebisis Drop spindle: The Spinning Daisy

H.A.Y. sock yarn: Bingers


Mondays are not that bad..... Really!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

May Super Box Winner!!!!

Everyone please check your email regarding your number! Number 33 please email me phatfiber@yahoo.com with your address, and your giant box will be shipped asap!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

H.A.Y. Hampton Artistic Yarns and Giveaway

The heat index here is predicted to hover around 110 degrees!! I thought I would feature some really beautiful and cooling blue from a favorite phat fiber artisan, Deb Johnson of Hampton Artistic Yarns.
Deb's shop is so gorgeous! I am quite in love with her spinning buns. She sent in some for June's Oceanic them and they were so incredibly beautiful, sparkling like glistening seashells! See, you're feeling cooler already! Take a dip into Deb's beautiful Mermaid spinning buns, cooling milk fiber, deep turquoise, and purple mermaid fins- just beautiful!
Of course, for those of you who would prefer to knit or crochet poolside (or in my case coping indoors with a tall glass of iced tea) Deb offers some truly incredible handspun yarns and gorgeous kettle dyed sock weight.
Which brings us to our next amazing giveaway!! Deb has sent in this Caribbean Dream sock yarn for a lucky commenter! Just visit Hampton Artistic Yarns and find something you like! Post about it in the comments section below and we'll draw for a winner on Monday! Please help get the word out about Deb's beautiful shop by plurking, tweeting and facebooking (grin) about her! I will count those as extra entries, please make sure you say you did it!

Deb, we love your shop (and you!) so much! You're a tremendous asset to the group!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Zebisis Spindle Giveaway!

If pictures say a thousand words, I do hope these count as thousands of flowery prose for Zebisis Designs.
Maiysha has had a rough couple of months, and is just getting her shop back fully stocked, so please keep checking back for more updates!
I just received my second club shipment from her, and I am blown over by the quality of the mulberry silk Maiysha included in this shipment. It is, without a doubt the most tender, most soft, most luxurious bit of fiber I have had a chance to experience. Please, be kind to yourself, find some of this and purchase it!
You're so lucky! Wanna know why? Cause Maiysha sent in a spindle to giveaway! It is all wrapped up, so I cant tell you what it looks like, but you know it's gorgeous!
Please visit Zebisis Designs, find something you like, and post about it in the comments section below! Remember to use facebook, twitter, plurk and ravlery to get the message out about Zebisis Designs! I will count your extra social networking as extra entries!
Thank you, Maiysha for this lovely opportunity!


This week's winners are:

Strike My Fancy Alpaca Yarn: Quilting Pansy

WCMercantile Roving: Girl in Red Shoes

Please email me with your addresses and I'll get them out to you!

I had more giveaways planned this week, but I got an awful stomach bug!
Making it up to you though ;) keep checking!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WC Mercantile *Giveaway*

Deep in the heart of Texas, there lives a little wool shop; the best wool shop in Texas!
Stephanie of WCMercantile runs an awesome everything-you-ever-wanted-and-more brick and mortar in downtown Navasota.
I am going to show up there one day and take home one of her spinning wheels. In the meantime, I'll have plenty to keep me busy, with all of the gorgeous spinning fiber supplies Stephanie offers.
I bet you didn't know, that Stephanie is also an indie dyer! We're offering up some "Indie Dyed" BFL Roving for a giveaway!
Just visit WCMercantile find something you like, and post about it in the comments section below! We'll be giving this 4oz of spinning fiber a new home on Friday! Remember to let everyone else in on this as well, use your twitter, facebook, plurk, blogposts etc to get extra entries!

, thank you so much for being you! Phat Fiber loves you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strike my Fancy and *Giveaway*

If you were to visit my house, you'd walk into a very modest dwelling, adorned with collections of things that don't really jive together. I am not someone who particularly cares that my living room doesn't look like it's cut from a magazine. If I like it, I buy it, whether it will "go" with all the other things in my home, is almost never considered.

You can guess what my stash looks like! Here is a shop that takes after my own heart: Strike My Fancy sells yarn, fiber and whatever else, shop owner Lisa Haley has in store for us!
In April, Lisa Sent in several samples of her reclaimed yarn as a part of our Green theme. She also sent in this most scrumptious alpaca reclaimed yarn for a giveaway!
It is so soft and so skillfully reclaimed, I don't think I would have known it was upcycled!

Here's what I need you to do: Visit Lisa's shop Strike My Fancy and tell us what strikes YOUR fancy in the comments section below. We'll draw for a winner on Friday! Remember, I will count your social networking (plurk, twitter, facebook, blog, ravelating) as extra entries- it will only take a second to let all your friends know about this fantastic shop!

Thank you, Lisa for the lovely samples and for this delicious giveaway!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cloud Lover

I am a self admitted Cloud Lover lover. Just look at her gorgeous shop!

With Natalie's shop just a few sales away from 700, I couldn't resist showing some CloudLover LoVe here on the blog!

Cloudlover is PHAT, having contributed to both March and April boxes- some of the loveliest BFL I've seen! Gorgeous, rich colorways (I think my current fav is "Decay") in completely squishhable fiber!

Once you've stocked up on some CloudLover loverlies, please join Natalie's group on Rav and show everyone what you're doing with it! Really, we all want to see!

will be set up at Midwest Fiber and Folk mid July- go check her out! If all goes well, I hope to visit on Sunday! Yipee!

Thank you so much Natalie, for creating such beautiful eye candy for us!

Miss Becca Winners!

Sara (Wintersong on Rav)



thank you all for taking the time out to comment! Hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day weekend!
Stay stuned for more giveaways and shops!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miss Becca Designs and *Giveaways*

Miss Becca is making a big splash (pun intended) this month by sending in patters for a fun, sample-loving octopus- "Octavius". If you didn't get this handsome invertebrate in your box, please consider purchasing a pattern in Miss Becca's shop. He's a great way to use leftover yarns and to experiment with your samples!

We're giving away 2 sets of Miss Becca stitch markers! Please help put Miss Becca on the map, and visit her shop today! We'll draw for two names on Monday! Please visit Miss Becca's shop, find something you like, or something you'd like to see there, and post about it below.

Thank you so much Rebecca, keep coming up with fun ideas and please share them with us!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Accessories are Everything Week *Winners!*

Thank you all for commenting this week!

The winners are:

Fickle Knitter Tote: Idyll Hands !!

Becky's Paper Creations journal: AnneMarie !!

Designs by Tami stitch markers: Cnuland !!

Please email me with you information here: phatfiber@yahoo.com

Guess what?!
I bet you already guessed, didn't you?!

We're extending the giveaway week through the weekend! Please check back soon :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Designs By Tami *Giveaway*

Designs by Tami is kind of my go-to shop when I need a little jewelry fix. I think to myself: "Well, it's only $5.00" and then before I know it, I'll have 5 or 6 things in my cart! They are all just too adorable to pass up! I think Etsy needs to come up with a widget that will let you "throw a dart" at a someone's shop or a random shuffle or something. I would use that to buy from Tami, because I love everything she has.

What I really love about Tami, is she's always willing to make whatever I want. If you want a set of alien knitting needles, Tami could make them for you- I have no doubt.

This month, Tami sent in some sweet skull stitch markers and some cute and candy sheep pendants! I love the skull stitch markers! I'm normally not really into pirates or skulls, but how could you not like these, they are just too cute!

Everyone, tell Tami she needs to make drop spindles! We've been experimenting with designs and I think she's really on to something! You've read it here first, Tami has come up with a really neat drop spindle design- go bug her about it!

We're giving away a set of three sad-eyed Alpaca poly clay stitch markers! The cuteness is just beyond words!
Please visit Designs by Tami and find something you like (I know, it's *so* hard!) and write about it in the comments section below here. I'll be drawing for a name tomorrow, so be prompt!
Use your social networking skillz to net you extra entries! Just let me know you did it!

Thank you so much, Tami! Now get crackin' on those spindles girl! *Evil grin*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Becky's Paper Creations and *Giveaway*

My sister loves to scrapbook. I lack a scrapbook gene though. As much as I would love to pretend I am crafty enough to coordinate my kids scrapbook pages, I just can't. Do I lack patience? The Right Tools? I don't know.
So, I am pretty envious of those who can scrapbook and create with paper.

Becky from Becky's Paper Creations is one of those super scrappers! We're giving away a pocket sized knitting themed book!

Visit Becky's Paper Creations, find something you like (There is a section with knitting and crochet journals!) and write it in the comments section below. We'll draw a winner on Friday! Make sure you leave a way to find you (rav id?) and be sure and get your entry counted twice by using your mad social networking skills to let everyone know about Becky's shop.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fickle Knitter Design and *Giveaway*

So, to kick off our "Accessories are Everything" week, I would like to feature an up-and-coming designer Fickle Knitter. Why do I say up-and-coming? Well, because she was just featured in Knitty! Yea!
Michelle is my kind of designer. She really gets me. I mean, as much as I would love to, I just don't have the attention span to complete long drawn, out projects and Michelle's site has lots of patterns that are both useful and easy to complete! She is quite thorough with her patterns, many of them have both charts and written instructions.
Michelle was sweet enough to include a "Briny Sea Cowl" pattern for me with her June samples and I am really excited about it. I am not good with charts and this looks like a good one to practice with! It also was created to show off your delicious handspun and who doesn't love that?
We're giving away this amazing hand knit produce bag! You can find the pattern on Michelle's site if you'd like to make more! Please visit Fickle Knitter and find something you like (there are links to both her Etsy shops and her Ravelry designer page there). Write about it in the comments section below, and we'll draw for a winner of this produce tote on Friday!
Remember to tweet and plurk for extra entries!

Thank you so much, Michelle, for being an awesome contributor. I love your stuff!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Maude and Me Phat Fiber International

And this is where Jessie gushes all over this blog about how wonderful Maude and Me is.

So, I am expecting a package from New Zealand, where Miss Tracee lives back in April. Lo and behold not one, but two giant packages of the most squooshiest, squishiest, sproingiest, snorgliest, softest, most beautifully dyed New Zealand merino arrives at my doorstep. It was like a compuslion. My eyes glazed over and I made my way to the laptop and promptly to Maude and Me where I found she offered a montly fiber club. Eureka! I didn't even have to hem and haw over which ones I should get (because they were all going to be good).
My first shipment was the lovely pink and brown delicacy you see above. I would not have ordered this for myself and this is why I am glad I got the club- my color horizons are being broadened! My second shipment is the lovely greenish/gray roving pictured last. It's called "Southern Hospitality" and I just lurve it!
The first photos are of Tracee's June samples! She included her inspiration shell in with her samples called "Lost at Sea". My photos don't do them justice- they are generous and marvelous and I hope you get a chance to feel them!
If you don't, please visit Maude and Me and get yourself a treat! My shipping from New Zealand has been both inexpensive and fast considering the distance. You'll also be helping to support Maude- a big beautiful Persian kitteh who owns Tracee down in Dunedin.
Thank you so much for contributing to Phat Fiber, Tracee- you know I love ya!

Tactile Giveaway Winners!

Thank you Random.Org for selecting:

Adrienne and Aija for the Tactile Fiber Club Giveaways! Please email me at phatfiber (at) yahoo.com with your information.

Thank you all who commented! What a wonderful group you are!

I will be doing more giveaways this week, please check back!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tactile Fiber Club Giveaways!

I would say "Squee!" but it doesn't even begin to describe my excitement!!
Tactile- the amazing naturally dyed fiber and yarns we all love, is giving away TWO 3 month subscriptions to their fiber club!!
They offer both a natural comfort and a natural luxury club- if you read their descriptions, both sound just mouth watering!
For the natural luxury club they write on their website:

"Luscious luxurious fibers will arrive for your spinning pleasure. You will receive 2-3ozs of fiber total each month. The fiber may include, but is not limited to: Camel, Silk, Angora, Suri Alpaca, Yak, and Pygora."
And for the Natural Comfort:
"Explore a sampling of the many sheep breeds and blends available to handspinners. You will receive 4ozs of fiber total each month. The fiber may include, but is not limited to: Masham, Targhee, Merino-Bamboo, Gotland, Jacob, and Superwash Blue Faced Leicester."

Oh my! They both sound wonderful! Don't they?
I am always in awe at the Tactile alchemists MissyB and Maia. They take natural substances sourced with a keen sense of social responsibility and turn them into really drool-worthy yarn and fiber. Just look at the samples they sent in for the June box! Amazing!!
Join the Tactile group on Ravelry and keep updated on all the clubs and new fibers coming soon!

Ok there will be TWO winners for this giveaway! Just visit Tactile's Website and find something you like. Post about it in the comments section below and we will draw for winners on Monday.
Please help us spread the Tactile love, by using plurk or twitter, or facebook or Ravelry or your blog and let everyone know about this! I'll count your social networking as extra entries for you!

Phat Fiber Loves Tactile!

This Week's Winners!

The Yarn Side: Bombshell Made Redundant (millarca)

Extreme Spinning: Max H.


Whoooeeee! I am fanning myself- I am so so sooo excited! Not only is this box weekend, but I'm going to give away 3 awesome *CLUB* memberships!
Please stay tuned!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extreme Spinning Giveaway!

You all know I'm a huge Extreme Spinning fan. Well, she's got an amazing sale going on in her shop right now, and I just had to let you all know about it. It's a buy one get one 60% off! It excludes here spin along listing.
If you're not into spinning- CJ's handspun yarns are out of this world. Even if you do spin, you should really experience them!
Everything in CJ's shop is created in small batches and she does a lot of limited run colorways. Pictured above are a sneak peek at June's samples! The top photo is Milk fiber!! A generous sampling of creamy, silky milk fiber in her "Sable Island" colorway. She also sent in some scrumptious batts- pictured is "Lobster for dinner". Since CJ is originally from Maine- maybe we should say Lobstah!
CJ is gearing up for a huge fiber release on Saturday with lots more listings ( a little birdie told me silk, milk, and lots more hard to find fibers!) but what is in her shop now will be gone! You can find out more at her blog.
We're giving away this wonderful roving (20.5 micron means soft like buttah!!) to a random commentor below. Just visit Extreme Spinning, find something you like and write about it below. We'll be drawing for a winner tomorrow and incidentally, tomorrow is when her sale ends (midnight).
I will count your social networking about this as extra entires- just let me know you did it!
CJ, you're awesome! We love ya!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Yarn Side and *Giveaway*

I am trying to catch up on my The Crochet Side Podcasts! Yes, Brianna is back from a mini hiatus- we missed you, girl!
If you haven't gotten a chance check her shop- The Yarn Side please treat yourself! Brianna not only has some gorgeous yarn and fiber bases, her colorways are amazing!
You know I gush a lot on here, but you really need to try some of her stuff.
Brianna really doesn't mess around with her samples. She has sent in a Mrs. Dalloway crochet cuff pattern (complete with beads!) lots of luxurious yarn and some really delicious fiber- May's was Baby Alpaca and Merino!
Brianna is a just a really sweet person to talk to- she's on twitter every so often, and I enjoy listening to her show.
I have several big sample sized goodies from Brianna here (some Baby Alpaca merino roving, yarn and a pattern) I would love to give away to a lucky commenter here!
Please visit The Yarn Side and find something you like. Comment about it below here, and I will draw a random name on Friday. Please check back to see if you've won! Remember I always count your social networking pings as extra entries!
Thank you so much, Brianna! I am so glad things are beginning to return to normal for you and I look forward to your next submissions to the box!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Super Winners!

Here are the winners for last week's giveaways!!

Of course I have more stuff to give away, silly! Keep checking back!

Seven Yaks= Bohoknitterchic

CorgiHillFarm= Anightgirl

SilverSunAlpacas= Lita

Enchanted Yarn= Sugar Plum Ferret

Did you win? email= phatfiber@yahoo.com

Thank you everyone for posting comments! Our Phatties do read them and it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enchanted Yarn Super Giveaway!

Woo Hoo! Margie, of Enchanted Yarn is giving away a SOAK sampler pack - try 3 scents in one package!
I just love Enchanted Yarn! Whenever I visit, I get the same sensation as if I visited a really awesome specialty shop that has all the stuff you don't find elsewhere. Look at the amazing art yarn she spins!
Last month, Enchanted Yarn sent in some beautifully dyed locks for the box. This month, she's sent in some gorgeous sandy colored top and the packaging is beautiful! (sorry to be such a tease!)
Please visit Enchanted Yarn and find something that you like. Post about it in the comments section below here. We'll be drawing for this giveaway tomorrow- so you have to be quick! Remember to post to ravelry, twitter, facebook, plurk etc to be entered twice in the giveaway.
Thank you so much, Margie! We love your shop!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Silver Sun Alpacas Giveaway!

Holy frijoles! Ricky from Silver Sun Alpacas is giving away a 3 month subscription to her Batts Club! Get a 2oz batt once a month for 3 months!
Here is what Ricky has to say about them in her shop:

Does spinning or felting is your love? Are you running out of fiber faster than you can spin it? You like the feel of Christmas allover again, every time you open one of my packages?
Surprise yourself or a friend once a month by subscribing to my *Silver Sun Batt Club*, where each month, you will receive a soft, cloudy, beautiful custom blended Alpaca hand carded batts with possibility to have the following add-ins of: silk, sparkle, sari silk, wools, soysilk and more fun fiber!
The fiber blends in the batts will be my choice of fibers each month.

As an extra special treat- Ricky is offering everyone a 15% discount in her shop today and tomorrow. Just mention you saw it here!

I am a proud club member and received my first shipment last month! Oh was it ever so delicious- the name was "Blueberry Patch!" It was so soft and shiny and perfect, and no, I haven't spun it yet.
Last month, Ricky sent in some delicious fresh alpaca from her herd in both dark and white. This month she's sent in a sample batt that is so fitting to our theme with gorgeous teals, aquas, white foam and a smattering of shipwreck colors. Gorgeous stuff!
Please visit Silver Sun Alpacas and find something you like. Post about it in the comments section below and we will draw a winner on Monday. Remember to plurk and tweet and facebook and blog about it too- I'll count your efforts as extra entries in this drawing!
Thank you so much, Ricky for participating in the box. We love your shop!!!