Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Copper Corgi Bulky Yarn giveaway!

Bulky yarn! Get small projects done faster! I love this colorway called "Sweet Tea" from The Copper Corgi. It makes me thirsty. Though, admittedly, I do not drink tea with sugar ;) With yarn this soft, who needs sugar anyway?! Yummy bulky organic merino. I think you all should stock up and start that holiday knitting early! Pages of gloriously dyed yarns and fibers await you at The Copper Corgi today! Please stop by, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll enter you to win this skein of yarn. We'll also award extra entries for those of you who social netowrk: plurk, pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc about this!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wandering Wool Sock Yarn Giveaway!

We have a yummy "Strawberries and Cream" sock yarn from Wandering Wool to be given away! This sock yarn (Helvellyn Sock) is a yummy superwash BFL. The dye on this yarn was applied randomly, which is said to reduce pooling. Wandering Wool is just full of amazing yarn! There are just so many beautiful semi-solids available, it makes me want to knit something in every color! Please visit Wandering Wool today, choose your favorite item and come on back here and mention it in the comments section. We award extra points for those who use social networks like pinterest, plurk, twitter, facebook, etc!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine was quite exhausting! :) Winners, please pm on Rav (phatfiberlady) or msg on yahoo mail (phatfiber) with your addresses and I will get these out asap! Congratulations to: Chris- You won the ByRebekahwithLove stitch marker set! Gingerbodean- You won the Yarn Sweet Yarn alpaca! RHY- You wont the Dyet Yarns SAL! More awesome giveaways coming up!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fairy and Folklore Batt Club Giveaway from Dyet Yarns!

How excited I am to be able to feature this giveaway today, I cannot even tell you! Nuri of Dyet yarns is really bursting with creativity lately! Merging her beautiful artistic paintings and her amazing batts into one super awesome batt club: I give you the Fairy and Folklore Batt club! We're giving away this club membership! Isn't Nuri so generous?! I love how there has been a community crop up around this SAL and each month has a different theme/interpretation! You can check out the Ravelry thread about it here: To enter to win, please visit Dyet Yarns today, find something you love, and c'mon back here and write about it in the comments section. Extra entries will be awarded to those of you who network using pinterest, plurk, facebook, twitter etc. Just let us know you did it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yarn Sweet Yarn alpaca fiber giveaway!

I'm sure not everyone likes to compare fiber to food, or food-like substances. But, with this Yarn Sweet Yarn dyed Alpaca, I can't help but think "gooey". Not gooey in the I just stepped on already been chewed gum in the parking lot on a summer day sense, but in a warm homemade chocolate brownies straight from the oven sense of the word. There is just nothing like spinning a soft alpaca cloud into scrumptious, gooey yarn. This Yarn sweet Yarn fiber will definitely hit the spot! Please visit Yarn Sweet Yarn today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll count those extra social networking pings as entries- pinterest, facebook, twitter, plurk can all work to your advantage!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

By Rebekah with Love Stitch Marker set giveaway!

I know, this is from last month's theme, but we had so many awesome giveaways come up with the Tea Party theme, we're still exploring it! ByRebekahwithLove sent in these absolutely adorable polyclay stitch markers! They're teacups! They have tiny lemon wedges! I don't know whether I would use them, or sit and play pretend with them. So very very cute! Please visit ByRebekahwithlove today, find something you love today, and be entered to win this set! Please ping it out there on facebook, twitter, pinterest, plurk etc for extra entries!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Namaste Farm Interviews Phat Fiber

We had a lovely interview with Natalie Redding of Namaste Farm last night. You can listen to the show here:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chinchillas1957 yarn winner!

I neglected to announce a winner for the Chinchillas1957 handspun yarn!

Belle! Congrats! Please contact me with your address and I'll get it out asap!
phatfiberlady on Rav, or phatfiber on yahoo mail.


Lovely winners this week: please send me a pm on either Ravelry (phatfiberlady) or yahoo (phatfiber@) with your addresses and I'll get these out asap!

Congrats to:

Shannin Banana- You won the Fiber Fancy fiber!!

Imajinthat- You won the BitsyKnits Fiber!!

JStockert- You won the WoolieBullie Fiber!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

WoolieBullie Bamboo Fiber Giveaway!

We're rounding out this week with the most. amazing. bamboo. from WoolieBullie. It's incredibly vibrant and so silky smooth! The colorway is "MadHatter" and this just makes me happy.

WoolieBullie in general, makes me happy! I pledge my forever allegiance to this shop! The colors are so beautiful, the bases- to die for! And, i've always experienced super fast shipping while shopping with WoolieBullie.

We're giving away this MadHatter bamboo today, all you need do is visit WoolieBullie, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. Remember to spread the word on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and your other social networks for extra entries!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bitsy Knits Teapot Party Fiber Giveaway!

Bitsy Knits collects teapots! Inspiration for her April samples came from several of her favorites. This giveaway is a lovely bamboo/merino blend called "Falling Leaves".

I love green, and I love this giveaway, but after having seen Bitsy's "Tomale" colorway in person, it really stole my heart. There is just so much going on- pink/blue/gold/alpaca.. mmmm :)

Please visit Bitsy Knits today, find your favorite, and come back here and write about it in the comments!  Be sure and update your social networks about this and gain extra entries!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fiber Fancy Shetland braid giveaway!

I just adore this Shetland wool fiber that Diana of Fiber Fancy dyed for April's Tea Party box. The inspiration rose chintz china teacup is just what I picture when I think of tea time!

Fiber Fancy has a shop bursting with freshly dyed fiber and yarn! I would bet there is something to suit everyone in there now. The shop gets updated very often, so the wait for new and exciting colorways to show up is never a long one.

We're giving away this gorgeous Shetland braid today. Please visit Fiber Fancy, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. Be sure and use your social networking skills to spread the word about this shop, and gain extra entries!

Monday, May 7, 2012

chinchillas1957 handspun yarn giveaway!

There is a new spinning service at Chinchillas1957! Lauren has been busy adding lots of other special goodies in there too. I'm loving all the beautiful shiny batts!

If you missed the April Phat Fiber box, you can still snag some of Lauren's "Pirates don't drink Tea" stitch marker kits! What a fun little project!

Phat Fiber would also love to extend our congratulations on being 5 years cancer-free to Lauren!!

To enter to win this beautiful Tourmaline handspun, please visit Chinchillas1957 today and find something you love. Write about it in the comments section below, and be sure to ping it on your favorite social networking sites for extra entries!

Giveaway winners!

Congrats winners! Please contact me via pm on Ravelry (phatfiberlady) or through yahoo (phatfiber) with your addresses and these will go out asap!

Socksafari- You won the Woodland Hills Alpaca fiber!

Csndryn- You won the winemakerssister mug!

More giveaways this week!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Winemakerssister mug giveaway!

Hee hee!! I just love Winemakerssister. Her handwriting is so pretty, and she just has the perfect sayings for these mugs. If you are a Star Trek Next Generation fan, you'll know what this one is all about :)

There is so much awesome to be had at Winemakerssister, I feel so inadequate to describe it fully enough. You really just need to visit and see for yourself!

We're giving away this mug to a lucky commenter! Just visit Winemakerssister today, find something that strikes your fancy, and write about it in the comments section. You can gain extra entries by pinning, facebooking, tweeting this! Just let us know you did.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Woodland Hill Alpacas fiber Giveaway!

Woodland Hills Alpacas knows how to dress up a package for a Tea Party! Inside this lovely box is an "All the pretty posies" batt  that has merino, alpaca, corriedale, Silk, Angelina, Leicester and firestar- lots of pretty sparklies!

The Woodland Hills Etsy shop is brimming with colorful fiber right now! And alpaca Fleeces!! Spring is the perfect time to buy a fleece and work through it!

To enter this batt giveaway, please visit Woodland Hills Alpaca today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We count social networking updates as extra entries, just let us know you did it.