Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taos Sunflower Too and *Giveaway*

I am squealing inside!
Martie, of Taos Sunflower Too has sent in the cutest bags of luxe locks you ever did see. I know you could spin with these silken, colorful and curly locks but wouldn't they make wonderful doll hair or special trimmings? So lustrous and soft, the colors almost emit their own light- they are dyed to perfection.
I absolutely adore Martie's shop! She really gives me the impression this is one of those shops you would stumble upon on vacation, tucked away from the main road- a shop the locals buy from because the quality is outstanding and the customer service being personal, truthful, and thoughtful.
I have had this fantasy about going to Taos since 2002, after seeing a Robert Miribal concert. He spoke about Taos in such a tender way, it made me want to live there. Since then, I've had eerie coincidences associated with this place called Taos, New Mexico. In my head, I've built up how great it must be that for a while, I decided I would never go, because I would probably just be let down.
Then, I happen upon Martie and Montie's shop, and blog. Martie should be getting paid by the New Mexico tourism beaureau. The photos, the quiet living, the gorgeous scenery all confirm my suspicions that Taos, or Arroyo Seco should, at least, be visited and enjoyed.
Martie's first Taos Sunflower Yarns shop came into fruition because of a desire to leave a corporate world and settle into a more truthful way of life. The shop grew to be extremely popular, having a downtown storefront for a while. Martie has since closed the shop and Taos Sunflower Too is a Renaissance, a rebirth, of a secret dream I think we all have. To live a more simple, meaningful life. Sometimes, the best way to get there is to start afresh and new, having peeled away excess. I can certainly relate.
I am so very pleased with the discovery of this new shop Taos Sunflower Too- I hope all of you who might have Christmas money burning little holes in your pockets, might consider making a few purchases from this delightful fiber paradise. Thank you so much, Martie for your gorgeous samples and for your inspiring blog! Please, Please, participate in future boxes!
For a lucky commenter, you will receive a gorgeous bit (2 oz) of hand dyed Blue-Faced Leicester in Taos Sunflower's "American Beauty" Colorway!!!!! I swear, when I first looked at the shop I immediately picked the same roving out as a potential purchase! I can't even tell you how gorgeous this is. If it was edible, I would eat it. Please visit Taos Sunflower Too, find something you love and write about it below. I'll draw a name on New Year's Day so be sure to leave an identifying mark. Good Luck!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chocolate Princess

I am very happy to show off these gorgeous mini cakes of Chocolate Princess hand painted yarn in "Ice Queen"! What a treat for several of you in January's box! Stunning!!I approached Liz, the one woman wonder behind Chocolate Princess, because I couldn't get enough of the blazing jewel tones in her line! Her spinning fiber looks almost iridescent, the spectrum of colors are amazing. I personally, am eyeing her Marea colorway- the deep mauve, oranges and teals are so pretty- I'd love to see this knit up into something!I just love Liz's profile on her Etsy shop too- it reads:
"I dye, spin, and knit daily.
5 kids
2 cats
1 dog
Great hubby"
Fiber first! See where Hubby ranks? LOL This sounds like something I would write!! I LOVE it! Who else can relate? A Big thank you to Chocolate Princess for sending in her "Ice Queen" samples. I am sure when you get your samples you will realize what an absolutely perfect colorway this is for January's box. The deep, dreamy blues are really mesmerizing! How soul- soothing would knitting with this yarn be? Please visit Chocolate Princess and let us know what you love about her shop!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Break

The blog will be offline for a few days this week while we all fervently finish up last minute holiday stitching and hopefully spend time with our loved ones. We'll be back early next week with lots of giveaways and reviews!! Wishing you both peace and prosperity this season and throughout the New Year!

Psst. I got a manicure and it is making my knitting go much faster ;) It really is the little things that make all the difference sometimes.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Melissa's Kre8tions

Melissa's Kre8tions has sent in several of her colorful and squishy handspun yarn and tufts of spinning fiber for January's box. I absolutely adore the handspun and the fiber is extra squishable!!! Melissa has an absolutely amazing sense of color. Each one of her samples I can picture being knit up into some delicious headwear, scarves or handwarmers. The quality is stellar. Melissa's shop is just getting off the ground, but I am confident it will be successful!
She keeps a delightful blog, which chronicles her many crafty pursuits and journeys, which also include quilting- hmmm that may explain her refined sense of color!
I can just tell Melissa is a very cool person too... you know how?
She has a really pretty three legged cat named Gizmo!
Please visit Melissa's shop! You will be sure to find something you love!! Thank you Melissa, for sending in such beautimous samples ;) I'm sure there will be lots of Oooohs and Ahhhs when some lucky people get theirs in the January Box! Will you join us for February too? Please? Pleeeeze?

InStitches Winner


You won!
Just sent you an email ;)

Congratulations! We have several more giveaways so stay tuned!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff

Kyrie of Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff (what a cool name!) has sent in so many gorgeous samples! When you see the baby merino lace weight she sent in, you are going to flip out. Not only is the yarn so velvety soft, the color depth and variation are to die for! I have already contacted Kyrie about dyeing me up some as she doesn't have any in her shop right now. I NEED a lacy shawl out of that baby merino in the dark blue- I am already picturing myself wearing it with jeans over a white t-shirt on an late spring/early summer eve... I can see it now
::cue dream sequence::
It was a casual invitation that flew from her lips at the grocery store, after all. Consciously casual. She didn't want to seem too eager. At home, the last minute preparations were all coming together, the perfect summer drinks, the tiny grilled sandwiches, the toothpicks in the olives, a last minute ruffling of her hair so it didn't reflect the previous half an hour's laborious fussing and mussing. Then, she heard the thunderous car door closings, and peered out of the window at her guests arriving through the side garden gate. The ice in the glasses tinkled and chimed in a most satisfying way as she hurriedly placed the drinks on her polished aluminum tray. With a secret smile, she slithered to her dresser and, sliding the door out slowly as if opening a present from a lover, she gazed upon it only for a moment before wrapping it around her marmoreal winter- white shoulders. A final tug at the center knot, and she was off... carrying the tinkling drinks toward the guests, faces already illumined with a soft glow from the patio fire. This would be an evening to remember, a casual affair, but special nonetheless. An evening reminisced about the time she debuted the dark blue lacy shawl that she knit herself during the foregone midwinter's musings.
Yes, you are going to inspired to daydream too, when you get your samples! Not only that, you'll be inspired to actually get stitching! Thank you, Kyrie for giving us an opportunity to sample the gorgeous work you are willing and capable of creating. If you have a particular secret daydream with different colors- Faerie Dust and Angel Fluff will be most happy to custom dye anything for you. Just ask! This is the true pleasure of supporting small and independent dyers, like Kyrie, they really can make your fiber dreams come true!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Stitches *GIVEAWAY*

Marcie, from In Stitches has sent in many cute stitch marker samples for us to enjoy!
She offers so many options in her shop! I really am in need of some of her needle holders! My knitting needle jars are in shambles!
Marcie has so many great deals going on in her shop right now! Many of them Buy some get some free deals! Stocking stuffers anyone? There is still time- She is in Arkansas which is somewhat centrally located ;)
I really also really admire the row counters- If I can slow down long enough to get another shawl started, I'm going to get these!
There is a little taste of everything she offers in all the January Phat Fiber boxes so lets give a big "Thank You!" to Marcie of In Stitches!
Marcie is doing a giveaway to a lucky commentor! Here are the details she sent me:
Ok, the recipient has their choice of either a set of sized needle holders (sizes of their choice, pic is just a representation) or a row counter and marker set. Set is large and can have rings to fit up to size 9 or 11 needles and would not really be a suitable set for tiny sock needles. However, if the recipient desires the set, I can puts rings for up to size 5.
You know what that means! Visit her shop, find something you like and comment about it below! Leave an identifying mark and we'll draw a winner on Saturday Evening! Plurks, Tweets, Blog entries, forum entries get you counted twice- just let us know where you helped spread the word! Good luck and Thank you Marcie!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HandSpun and Dyed Too!

A big box full of hand spun/hand dyed samples arrived from Handspun and Dyed too!
Squishy Squashy Woolly Wonderful Yarn and Batts! Handspun goodness, I tell you! I might just tell you I hugged a few skeins and spun around my living room, but then you would think I was weird. *Wink* The samples are HUGE so they are so very very huggable ;)
The colors Pamela sent in are so earthy and amazing! These skeins just confirm my notion that you can shop the box-the Phat Fiber box and find everything you're looking for!
Like many of our contributors, Pamela is multi-talented, but spinning fiber has become her main focus in recent years- and for good reason! When you look at her shop, you'll be pleasantly pleased at not only the assortment of yarns and colors, but at the affordable prices!
Her hand spun yarn club is of particular interest to me, because I have such a hard time deciding on what I want.
HandSpun and Dyed Too specializes in one of a kind items, which is perfect for special projects and gift knitting. And it is no coincidence that her etsy shop has over 1,000 sales! If you want a quality hand spun at a reasonable price, then this should be one of your go-to shops! I know all of you who receive a HandSpunAndDyedToo sample will be just thrilled! If you don't get one this time, go beg Pamela to contribute to February's box!! Maybe we can post below and beg? Show the love and post some warm fuzzies.

Seven Yaks Winner!

Here kitty kitty...

Kitten with a Whiplash!!


In other news... I have some really really cool shops coming in the next couple of blogs, please stay tuned!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seven Yaks and *Giveaway*

How cool is this!?! Many of you lucky Phat Fiber box recipients will be getting acrylic needle gauges from Seven Yaks!
Take a look at Lynne's shop! She really has everything there! I am personally eyeing the sock blocks! No splinters or mildew from being wet like wood sometimes does! I think she even has some "blond moment" ones on clearance *grin* She has a fancy laser that she uses to cut out and engrave original designs! So, for all of you small business owners out there, get a hold of Seven Yaks and have them do some promotional gauges for you! She does wholesale her products- what a great opportunity!
Lynne was inspired by our "Wintry Mix" theme for January and came up with these gorgeous snowflake needle gauges! These could easily double as winter decorations! I am so doing a knitting/crochet/fiber themed Christmas tree next year.
I would like to give one of these snowflake gauges away- you really have to see it to believe it! Go to Seven Yaks Shop, check out her many many goodies and write a comment below! Plurk, Twitter, Rav, Blog comments get second entries! Seven Yaks had 13 pages of goods to look at in the shop last time I checked- so this should be really easy! Winner will be announced Tuesday!
Thank you Lynne for your January contribution- I can't wait to see what inspires you for February's box!

Winner of DyedbyDani Yarn

I just sent you an email ;)

Next post is a giveaway too!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Danido and *Giveaway*

Daniella of DanidoCrafty has sent in several mini skeins of her delicious hand dyed yarn and a secret code just for Phat Fiber box recipients!
Dani's motto is "For the Bright at Heart" which I think is very appropriate and very true!
I do love my bright yarn- hee hee. Dani lives, works, and studies in Las Vegas NV-which in my opinion- makes her an authority on bright things. Just check out her skein of "citrus" yarn she sent in. (psst we're giving it away). Dani offers so much in her shop! You can buy completed knitted objects, stitch markers and of course bright, happy, yarn. Get this- Dani will custom dye a skein (or more) for you! I actually have a photograph of a tree in my side yard I want to send her to re-create the colors for me. That is, after miles of Christmas knitting is done! 2 weeks people!! Are you freaking out yet?!
Dani is currently having a really great sale in her little Etsy shop- and you can feel warm and gooey inside knowing your purchase will keep a deserving college student "in yarn" to cope with all of those exams!
And if you're in to knitting patterns well, you're in luck! Dani has several free patterns posted on her blog (I will be making a soap sack or two soon myself). I love all of the quick knits she offers- as I most of the time, have trouble getting through anything longer than a pair of socks before the next exciting must-do project is found and subsequently cast on. For those of you who get Dani's sample in the Phat Fiber January Box, you'll be given a top secret code to access a new pattern Dani developed just for her yarn sample!! I promise you'll like it ;)
It is really fun watching her blog- I love checking to see what new items and patterns crop up!
Giveaways Details:
Pictured above is the skein of worsted weight Dyed by Danido in "Citrus". 'Tis tres bright and happy! Visit her Etsy shop find something you like and post about it here! We LOVE to hear what everyone thinks! Remember second entries on your own blog or twitter or other social networking site will get you in twice! Just let us know you tweeted or blogged about Dani in the post. Good Luck! Winners will be drawn on Sunday Morning and hopefully will ship out on Monday morning provided your address is given to me by then. Whoever wins this, don't forget to stash it in your Rav account! Enter away- you could possibly get it and knit up a hat in time to give away for Christmas! Thank you so much Daniella! I'm looking forward to what you'll cook up for us in February!

Joey's House Winner!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joey's House and *giveaway*

Heather Sebastian, the designer behind Joey's House has sent in several patterns for our January Box!
I love this pattern! I whipped up my little Bartlett Bunny while watching TV one evening and it is pretty much instant knit gratification! The kids watched me knit it and dictated eye color etc as I finished it up. My son calls his "cheese". It's getting a lot of play time too- despite its overweight condition. He's PHAT, alright?! Seriously- what else are you going to do with you leftover sock yarn? These could be cranked out for last minute baby shower gifts in no time! You could use some samples from your Phat Fiber box to make a few. This particular pattern was featured on Craft Magazine's Website . Even if you don't have little ones to play with it- Bartlett Bunny, or any one of the Tiny Toys Heather has patterns for, could sit atop your yarn stash and guard it.
What a delightful blog Heather has!!! If you don't have her blog-rolled by now you really should. There, she blogs about her adventures in many sorts of crafts, cooking, painting, sculpting, and motherhood ;)
The photos are fantastic- it makes me want to live at "Joey's House".
Of course she's on flickr too so be sure to add her as a friend there.
Thank you so much Heather, for your playful pattern! I'm eagerly awaiting your next Phat Fiber contribution- and so are my kids!
To a lucky commentor- Heather will email a Free PDF pattern of choice! Get your comments in Before Friday afternoon!! If you help spread the word virally about her patterns, you'll get a second entry- twitter and other social networking sites count too! Just say you did in your comments! Good luck!
Heather will also be offering a special discount on her patterns for all of us Phat Fiber folk! Contact her for details!
Thanks Heather!!

DesignsByTami Winner!

You won!

Look for more contests soon- Thank you everyone for playing- and visiting Tami's Shop!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Designs By Tami *Giveaway Contest*

Tami of Designs by Tami has sent in several little matchbook pads- perfect for throwing in your project bags! She has also included some of her cutest sculpted stitch markers and point protectors!
These were so hard to photograph because they are tiny and detailed!!
I really am amazed at how detailed these little guys are. I look at her shop and wonder about all the hours she must put into each one of those sculpted animals! I LOVE the cupcake knitting needles she makes! Wouldn't those be the perfect gift for the little girl learning to knit? She pretty much does it all- gnomes, sheep, alpacas, skulls and ladybugs even! All of them adorable and one of a kind! She'd probably be up for doing custom work for you- give her a shout!
Tami does much more than stitch markers and point protectors- you can find finished knitted accessories and some really neat jewelry too!
And, because she is so awesome, she's giving a way a set of sheep stitch markers!
Just visit her lovely shop- find something you like and comment about it below here. Blogs/links get second entries!! Make sure you leave an identifying mark so I can hunt you down when you win! Drawing will be held on Wednesday afternoon! Thank you Tami for your all-around general awesomeness and for adding some funky fun to the phat fiber January box!!

Leah Sutton Winner!!

Alice Thelma!
Chris Tolomei?
You Won!!
Email me with your preference and address info!
Yay! More giveaways this week!!
Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leah Sutton *Giveaway*

Designer Leah Sutton has sent in some loveliness to Phat Fiber for January all the way from the UK! When her box arrived, I saw the knit bangle bracelet and almost tried it on.. my fingers got through the opening but I pulled back- I swear! I have a thing for chunky jewelry, and this bangle is FAB- soft, cottony, and would go with most of anything in my wardrobe! Leah should change her company name to be: Really Elegant Finely Crafted Embellishments and beautiful full color patterns that you will really be glad you bought. On second thought, Leah Sutton sounds just fine.
Leah presents her work with class and style as you can tell from her knitted embellishment collection on CD. I'm eager for you to get these in your boxes and knit them up! So pretty! Her website is beautiful too. I found her "free knotting tutorial" very educational- I honestly have never "knotted" anything and it looks like fun! Leah explains that "Knotting" is the modern term for Macrame- a term in desperate need of a makeover. Does anyone else shudder at the word Macrame? Shudder no more, Leah Sutton has transformed it into something very elegant and appealing!
How delicious are her little girl knits?! I want these patterns! Again, the styles look very clean and wearable- you could easily dress them up or pair with jeans. I keep wanting to compare her to Debbie Bliss. The way the patterns let the color and texture of the yarn shine through really does remind me of D.B.- Who disagrees with me?! Modern, clean- but with a elements of the unexpected like the pocket ends to the scarf pattern she offers.

Okay, I know you are all salivating by now! Go download a pattern from Leah Sutton's site!
There are only so many of the wonderful samples she sent in for January ;)
So, with much enthusiasm, I will be giving away a sample of choice to a lucky commenter! Remember blog entries get double points! Help spread the word about this wonderful new designer- visit her site and post something nice about it in the comments section below! A randomly drawn entry will win a choice of a knitted button, the knitted bangle, or one of Leah Sutton's pattern Cd's!!!!

Dome Hill Winner!

Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle!!!!!

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Kay used a fancy number generator this time! Ah technology! I'm so silly- I've been writing names out and actually drawing them from a bucket.
I have my days of brilliancy, don't I?!?

Now I have to go find you, Turtle.